2005 yu55 update: fly by expected at 200,00 miles from earth on nov 8

Many telescopes, around the world, will be pointed at asteroid 2005 YU55, during its expected fly by November 8 at 6:28/5:28 ET/CT. It’s the closest passage at 200k by an asteroid since 1976, when asteroid 2010 XC15 went by unnoticed at about half the distance to the Moon. The asteroid will pass over the Northern Hemisphere, but will only be viewable by telescopes with a minimum 12.5 centimeter aperture. Astro Guyz website provides excellent details on the asteroid’s passage as it crosses our skies.  Aricebo and Goldstone telescopes will closely study the asteroid, according to JPL research scientist, Lane Benner in brief video here. ESA Herschel space observatory will also study near Earth asteroid, YU55.

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