2012 Olympic Mascots Decoded

2012 Olympic Mascots Decoded

The 2012 Olympic Mascots are clearly occult figures, but what do they mean? In May, Holy Hexes blog, “2012 Olympic Mascots And Occult Symbolism,” related interpretation done by Advent of Deception website. AOD suggested clue was definition of names, “Wenlock” and “Mandeville,” “The name Wenlock is an Irish name for a boy meaning… from the holy monastery… Mandeville is a French name for a boy and means ‘great town,’ or ‘A Baby Boy From a Holy Monastery‘ and ‘Great Town‘.” The explanation provided only left a further puzzle.

Bob Schlenker decodes it for us in recent blog, “Part 34 – 2012 London Olympics – Mascots: We’nlock + Man-devil(le),” and as usual, it’s right before our eyes. Wenlock and Mandeville are escorts who will “unlock the man devil.” Schlenker explains, “they are mascots, escorts to the underworld…have a visa, the authority to traverse the dimensional boundary. These escorts have the key, you see. We are told their appointed mission is to unlock the man-devil. In their appearance and activity, we see them illustrate how this is done through targeted interaction with children, innocents.”

The blog entry by Schlenker leaves little doubt mascots are Illuminati creations:

The attributes of the mascots are all about light, with yellow lights on top, the polished skin reflects it, the camera-eye requires it for function, and the rainbow is a light refraction phenomenon. Light bodies. They travel the rainbow bringing their light, so they are light bringers, lucifers, Luciferian, as illumined agents of the Illuminati, constantly surveilling with their all-seeing eyes.”

Who is the man-devil? Schlenker quotes Revelation 9:11 and identifies Apollo as the “god-man antichrist beast,” AKA Mandeville.

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