2012 Olympics Death Ritual: Bell, Book and Candle

2012 Olympics Death Ritual: Bell, Book and Candle

Occult researcher, Bob Schlenker spots another ritual at the 2012 Olympics! In Part 12, “2012 London Olympics – Death Rituals: A ‘Bell, Book and Candle’ Mega-Ritual on the BBC,” Schlenker sees only sinister symbolism. Bell, Book and Candle, is an excommunication ritual, practiced at one time in Roman Catholic Church. An implement used in witchcraft, Bell: The London Olympics will open with bell ringing all over the UK, including the ringing of the biggest ringing bell in Europe, a featured object that will be hung at the Olympic Stadium,” Schlenker suggests a ringing bell acts as a portal actuator in recent Red Ice interview (end of hour).

The interpretation offered by Schlenker of the “Book: The book is something I suspect will manifest on multiple levels, the most important of which is the human ‘book of life.’ DNA has been featured heavily in Olympic ceremonies and in some of the associated art and architectures. The helical DNA ‘scroll’ is written in genetic script that includes letters (A, C, G, and T nucleotide bases) and punctuation, in ‘stop DNA’ or termination codons. The Olympic games that are “bookended” by the opening and closing ceremonies feature the entire scope of the ‘book’….”

The last implement is a “Candle: The candle will be the Olympic Cauldron, truly a witch’s cauldron, burning with the flame ritually lit from the sun on Mt. Olympus and dedicated to Apollo and Zeus, aka Satan.” Schlenker only sees death in London from the toxic “XXX” of the 30th Olympiad to apparent 27 death meme in the opening date of July 27, also called the Grand Climax on the Satanic Ritual Abuse calendar, and weight of the Olympic bell at 27 tons, rang to open games.

Schlenker views 2012 London Olympics as “‘…Bell, Book and Candle’ event…intended as a mass death ritual…The bell intended for the Olympic Stadium will be inscribed with a line from Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest.’ ‘Be not afeard, the isle is full of noises.’…the theme of the opening ceremony is taken from ‘The Tempest,’ ‘Isles of Wonder.’ Caliban, who speaks that line, was a murderous and conspiratorial hybrid monster, born of a human mother and the devil himself. The setting of The Tempest is an enchanted isle, starring a king who, by sorcery, controls the minds of those on the island.”

Schlenker illustrates a lot of symbols that seem to work in a frightening manner. In the excommunication ritual, a Bishop rings the bell to evoke a death toll and 12 priests in attendance, make 13 the same number as a witches coven. The only good thing that can be concluded, since symbolism for Bell, Book and Candle ritual is so strong, Schlenker suspects catastrophe will only visit Olympics towards its end, when book is closed and candle extinguished!

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