2013 Draconid Meteor Shower Expected to Peak Tonight

2013 Draconid Meteor Shower Expected to Peak Again Tonightfrom oswego.patch.com: Meteor showers, at least the big ones, are fairly predictable as to their arrival, but what you see from Herndon during any of these events is most definitely not. And the Draconid meteor shower 2013 peak is among the most unpredictable of all the celestial shows. If you didn’t have a chance to stargaze on Oct. 7, tonight is shaping up to be ideal conditions in Oswego, with a forecast of clear skies all night long. The dates for the Draconids 2013 peak are this week, ;Oct. 7 and 8, followed a couple weeks later by the usually (but not this year) more reliable Orionid meteor shower peak — which this year is followed by the chance to see the Comet ISON in November.

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