#NavigatingNetflix: ‘House Of Cards’ w/Paul Verge

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#NavigatingNetflix: 'House Of Cards' w/Paul VergeWe're really excited to finally welcome you to the reboot of the long-dormant 'Navigating Netflix' series. Our friends at Tragedy & Hope first came up with the idea in 2010 and we only made a couple of episodes together in 2011 - but it's still a great and active group discussion in the T&H community today. We plan to make this a monthly series from Media Monarchy where each episode features someone from the T&H community as a guest - and it just made sense to invite back someone from the pilot episode of the original 'Navigating Netflix', Paul Verge of Divergent Films. He's elected, if you will, to talk about 'House Of Cards' as the handbook for political depravity on this re-inaugural episode.

'House Of Cards' (US TV Series)

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