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#GoodNewsNextWeek: Liberty-Minded Librarians Purge User Data (Video)

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#GoodNewsNextWeek: Liberty-Minded Librarians Purge User Data (Video)This week on #GoodNewsNextWeek: Yet another poll shows the people are breaking free from the fake left/right paradigm; Liberty-minded librarians know that, “You’re not what you read!”; Wal-Mart closing 100s of stores - can mom-and-pop come back?


Story #1: 42% of Americans Ditch Two-Party System, Say Government is Biggest Problem

Story #2: Libraries Deleting User Data to Protect Privacy 📚

Story #3: Walmart to Close 269 Stores, Shut Down 'Express' Format

#GoodNewsNextWeek Headlines: Switzerland Returns $380mn in ‘Looted’ Funds to Nigeria

Monsanto Scraps $90 Million GM Corn Facility Plans Due to Declining Profits

Return of Incandescent Light Bulbs as MIT Makes Them More Efficient Than LEDs

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#GoodNewsNextWeek: Liberty-Minded Librarians Purge User Data (Video)