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#MorningMonarchy: February 4, 2016

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#MorningMonarchy: February 4, 2016'Holy Hell', 'Mr. Wonder' and 'The Family' + this day in history w/Patty Hearst and our song of the day by Bob Mould on your Morning Monarchy for February 4, 2016.


#HolyHexes: Sundance: Jared Leto Executive Producing Cult Documentary ‘Holy Hell’

#HolyHexes: Sundance Film Review: Holy Hell --22 years inside the Buddhafield Cult

#HolyHexes: ‘American Psycho’ Director Joins the Manson Cult

#HolyHexes: Decades-long search for TV host “#MrWonder” on child sex charges ends with arrest

#HolyHexes: City governments part of Warren Jeffs' FLDS cover up of child sexual assaults

#HolyHexes: Gov. Jerry Brown has rejected parole for a follower of cult leader Charles Manson

#HolyHexes: Israel approves liberal Jewish prayer at Western Wall

#HolyHexes: Revealed: How John Travolta tried to heal Grease director's foot infection with Scientology

#ThisDayInHistory: #February4 w/Patty Hearst kidnapped, Chávez coup, Amadou Diallo killed, Facebook founded + Rosa Parks, George A. Romero, @Dan_Quayle, @RealAliceCooper, Tim Booth of @WeAreJames birthdays

#SongsOfTheDay: Bob Mould - "Voices in My Head"

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