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#MorningMonarchy: February 8, 2016

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#MorningMonarchy: February 8, 2016TTIP transparency, shadowy campaign money and retro rockets + this day in history w/'Birth Of A Nation' and our song of the day by Hinds on your Morning Monarchy for February 8, 2016.


Happy Chinese New Year, the Year of the Monkey

While Americans Prepared for the Stupor Bowl...

#Geopolitiks: "What I didn't read in the TTIP reading room" — German MP Katja Kipping

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

Millions of Dollars in Shadowy Campaign Money Fuel Presidential Campaigns

#Geopolitiks: Radio reporter hospitalized after attack by masked men

#Geopolitiks: Iran wants euro payment for new and outstanding oil sales

Remember Saddam wanted same thing?

Gaddafi as well!

#Geopolitiks: N. Korea launches space rocket in defiance of sanctions threats

#Geopolitiks: Pentagon Blocks Release of 1,800 Detainee Abuse Photos, Lets Out 198

#Geopolitiks: Twitter blocks 125,000 accounts in 'terrorist content' crackdown

How the #SuperbOwl became music's biggest shitshow 🏈🚽

#ThisDayInHistory: #February8 w/Dawes Act, #BirthOfANation, Harding's radio, Stasi, NASDAQ, @DatelineNBC fakery + #JamesDean, Terry Melcher, Ron Tyson of The Temptations, Vince Neil birthdays

#ThisDayInHistory: #February8, President Harding Installed a Radio in the White House

#SongsOfTheDay: Hinds - "Bamboo"

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#MorningMonarchy: February 8, 2016