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#MorningMonarchy: February 19, 2016

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20160219_MorningMonarchy'Mockingbird' media, 'Family' guise and a slave to the algorithm + this day in history w/Phonograph patent and our song of the day by Tacocat on your Morning Monarchy for February 19, 2016.


Breaking: Harper Lee has died at 89

Flashback: Hometown friends say Harper Lee was manipulated into publishing second book (Feb 2015)

John Kerry Meets With Hollywood Studio Chiefs to Discuss ISIS

John Kerry Meets With Hollywood Execs to Pitch ISIS Propaganda Ideas

"Family Guy" 2007 Episode, Predicted Scalia’s Death While On Quail Hunting Trip

'Family Guy' - Dick Cheney President of Halliburton shoots Justice Scalia (Audio)

California won't force porn actors to wear condoms and goggles

Slave to the algorithm? How music fans can reclaim their playlists from Spotify

#MediaMemes: Country Radio Insiders Laud Authenticity as Winning Formula

#MediaMatriarchy: Emma Watson to take a year off acting to focus on feminism

#NavigatingNetflix: Netflix documentary "Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom" Is a Bunch of Horseshit

#MediaMemes: Russian Immigration Authorities Detain Indie Band Over Common Visa Issue

10 legit reasons you shouldn't move to Oregon

Oregon sees biggest rise in traffic deaths in U.S. in 2015

#ThisDayinHistory: #February19 w/phonograph patent, Ezra Pound award, GA censorship, Feminine Mystique, EastEnders + Smokey Robinson, Tony Iommi, Michael Gira, Falco, Beth Ditto birthdays

TacocaT rocks out on the blissful new theme song for 'The Powerpuff Girls' reboot

#SongsOfTheDay: Tacocat - I Hate the Weekend

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