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#MorningMonarchy: March 16, 2016

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#MorningMonarchy: March 16, 2016Chemical safety, anti-packaging and Piss Krispies + this day in history w/My Lai and our song of the day by Wild Nothing on your Morning Monarchy for March 16, 2016.


@POTUS makes it official: He nominates U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Merrick Garland to U.S. Supreme Court

Democrats Are Very DisappointedThat Garland Is Obama's SCOTUS Pick (Audio)

See, work hard, help Langan, Brescia, Strassmeir, Guthrie, etc get away with killing 169 people, and you get a Supreme Court nomination

Wikipedia: Aryan Republican Army

And the press corps collectively thinks, "Hey, he's way older than that publicity photo going around!" #Garland

#FoodWorldOrder: Supreme Court Rules Former Child Slaves Used in Cocoa Production Can Sue @Nestle 🍫🏛

#FoodWorldOrder: FDA’s Mike Taylor departing agency — totally on his own terms

#FoodWorldOrder: Congress Sneaks New "Monsanto Protection Act" into Sweeping Environmental Bill

#FoodWorldOrder: Biotech giant Monsanto hopes to sell more GMOs in India (Audio)

#FoodWorldOrder: Big Food Giant Guilty of Money Laundering in #GMO Labeling Stunt

.@SenJeffMerkley says the #DARKAct w/ QR codes is a sham, scam, and a theft of American freedom. #RightoKnow ACT

POST-SHOW UPDATE: Yes! The #DARKAct was blocked in the Senate! Congrats everyone, soon we'll stop this bill for good!

#FoodWorldOrder: Pharmaceutical Giants Caught Supplying Cartels With Tons Of Bulk Ingredients To Produce Meth

#FoodWorldOrder/ #Geopolitiks: Medecins Sans Frontieres files to block @Pfizer patent on pneumonia vaccine in #India

L.A. officials seeded clouds during El Niño storm in hopes of more rain

#FoodWorldOrder: What's wrong with the American diet? More than half our calories come from 'ultra-processed' foods

#FoodWorldOrder: Consumers want transparency, not just see-through packaging

#FoodWorldOrder: The anti-packaging movement

#FoodWorldOrder: American fast-food chains are invading Africa

#Geopolitiks / #FoodWorldOrder: Sticky Icky #Israel 🌴🇮🇱

#FoodWorldOrder: @NIH says 6M Americans suffer from "#MarijuanaUseDisorder" 🌴🇺🇸

#FoodWorldOrder: Man caught on camera urinating on cereal at @KelloggsUS plant (Audio)

#FoodWorldOrder: Snap, Crackle and Urine

#FoodWorldOrder: Scientist grow a dinosaur leg on a CHICKEN in bizarre experiment

#FoodWorldOrder: Egg whites, meatballs grown from cells are coming soon

#FoodWorldOrder: Rising Sea Levels May Disrupt Lives of 13 Million Americans

#FoodWorldOrder: Homemade pizza with squash *always* tastes better than @Nestle's @DiGiornoPizza with glass

DiGiorno Pizzas, Stouffer's Meals Recalled for Glass in Food

To Quit Smoking, It's Best To Go Cold Turkey (Audio)

Previously on the walking dead... RT has posted some eerie images of #Fukushima 5 years on

#ThisDayInHistory: #March16 w/V2 rocket, #MyLai, Aldo Moro kidnapped, @OliverNorthFNC indicted, #RachelCorrie killed + Jerry Lewis, Ruby Braff, @ChuckWoolery, Nancy Wilson, @FlavorFlav birthdays

#SongsOfTheDay: Wild Nothing - "TV Queen"

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#MorningMonarchy: March 16, 2016