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#MixlrMusic: March 28, 2016

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#MixlrMusic: March 28, 2016Media Monarchy DJ's live every weekday from 12-1pm PT on Today we played:

Spiritualized - "Do It All Over Again"
Franz Ferdinand - "Treason! Animals."
Arctic Monkeys - "That's Where You're Wrong"
Blur - "Chemical World"
Tim Kasher - "Truly Freaking Out"
Run The Jewels - "Lie Cheat Steal"
EMP-T - "Son Of Satan"
Trans Am - "I Want It All"
Kraftwerk - "Boing Boom Tschak"
The Books - "IDKT"
Tarwater - "Song Of The Moth"
Capitol Nation - "Blame It On Obama"
Capitol Steps - "Secret Service Man"
Bill Hicks - "Easter"
Boards Of Canada - "One Very Important Thought"
Thurston Moore - "In Silver Rain With A Paper Key"

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#MixlrMusic: March 28, 2016