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#MorningMonarchy: April 11, 2016

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20160411_MorningMonarchyLibyan shit show, atomic apologies and a post box pilgrimage + this day in history w/the Brixton riots and our song of the day by TV Girl on your Morning Monarchy for April 11, 2016.


#TwilightLanguage: The Red Danger Zone of April 2016

#Geopolitiks: Obama says worst mistake of his presidency was turning #Libya into a "#shitshow"

#Geopolitiks: Trump hits back at Boston Globe over satirical front page

#Geopolitiks: CIA director says he would not obey a waterboarding order

#Geopolitiks: #Ukraine’s Premier Quits Amid Splits in Post-Revolution Alliance

#Geopolitiks: #Fujimori wins first round of #Peru election, heads to runoff 🇵🇪

#Geopolitiks: Kerry offers no US apology for #Hiroshima (Audio)

#Geopolitiks: U.S. Navy officer charged with spying, possibly for China, Taiwan

#Geopolitiks: Deadly battle raises heat on Philippines, U.S. over counterterrorism capability

#Geopolitiks: Former Argentina President Cristina Kirchner charged with money laundering in connection to state probe

#Geopolitiks: 1st delivery of Russian S-300 air defense system arrives in #Iran

#Geopolitiks: Sunday Wire - The Secret Origins of the Panama Papers

#Geopolitiks: Post box pilgrimage for pop star's fans

#Geopolitiks: Turkey seeks Ottoman architect's skull

#ThisDayInHistory: #April11 w/Elks lodge, Tel Aviv founded, Civil Rights Act of '68, Idi Amin deposed, Brixton riots + Anton LaVey, Joel Grey, Louise Lasser, John Milius, Vincent Gallo birthdays

#SongsOfTheDay: TV Girl – "Taking What’s Not Yours" (Audio)

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