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#MorningMonarchy: April 14, 2016

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20160414_MorningMonarchyMongolian mummy, more BBC abuse and the art of secret societies + this day in history w/Lincoln shot and our song of the day by Night Moves on your Morning Monarchy for April 14, 2016.


#HolyHexes: ISIS destroys 2,000-year-old legendary ‘Gate of God’ near Mosul, Iraq

#HolyHexes: Mongolian mummy's 1,500yo 'Adidas' has internet shouting 'time travel'

#HolyHexes / #MediaMemes: LA judge clears way for Katy Perry to buy former convent

#HolyHexes: Thailand Is Planning to Send Drunk Drivers to Morgues as Punishment

#HolyHexes: @BBC radio presenters #TonyWadsworth and #JulieMayer charged with historical child sex offences

#HolyHexes: Inside the Strange, Psychic World of Indigo Children

#HolyHexes: Spider-Man goes drug-free for Scientology

#HolyHexes: Anti-Scientology Billboard Begs Estranged Kids to Call Home

#HolyHexes: Lucia Ribisi Ditches Scientology, Says Dad Giovanni Has ‘Questioned’ The Church

#HolyHexes: The ‘Cultish’ Call of Yoga Studios

#HolyHexes: The Art of Secret Societies, Filled With Codes and Glyphs

#HolyHexes: Burned body found in Toronto park fire pit

#HolyHexes: Human Foot Found In Seattle Recycling Bin

#HolyHexes: Bible Is Really Old, Handwriting Analysis Reveals

#HolyHexes: No bond for the bishop; Lyle Jeffs of FLDS stays behind bars

#HolyHexes: 'The Black Tapes,' 'Lore,' and the rise of the horror podcast

#HolyHexes: Young Arabs Reject ISIS, Worry About Lack Of Jobs, Poll Finds

Government Worried About Sharing Economy - #NewWorldNextWeek w/@CorbettReport + 🚔 Legal Lies & Über Data 🚖

ThisDayInHistory: #April14 w/Webster copyright, Lincoln assassinated, videotape demoed 📼, Reagan bombs Libya + John Gielgud, Gene Ammons, Loretta Lynn, Julie Christie, Ritchie Blackmore birthdays

#SongsOfTheDay: Night Moves - "Carl Sagan" (Audio)

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