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#MorningMonarchy: May 6, 2016

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#MorningMonarchy: May 6, 2016Rigged systems, stolen music and Hollywood Hillary + this day in history w/the Hindenburg disaster and our song of the day by A Giant Dog on your Morning Monarchy for May 6, 2016.


Trump rallies in Charleston, tells people not to vote

"I can't believe the 'Gathering Shadow' was Senate redistricting!"

#MediaMemes: This may be #Disney’s best year at the movies in its history (Winning's easy if you own all the horses)

#MediaMemes: Music streaming passes CD sales at Warner 💿

#MediaMemes: 'It's a System That Is Rigged Against the Artists' - The War Against YouTube

#MediaMemes: Here's What YouTube Promised Advertisers at Its Star-Studded BrandCast 2016

#KINKmornings: Stephen Witt on 'How Music Got Free'

Apple Stole My Music. No, Seriously.

#MediaMemes: Memes, MP3s and the explosion of album art 🎆🎶💥

#MediaMemes: Baby boomers' heroes confirmed for eye-wateringly expensive festival by #Coachella money masters 🎶💸

#MediaMemes: #AfeniShakur, Mother of Tupac Shakur and Fmr Black Panther Activist, Dead at 69

Over Half of Prince’s Estate Will Go to the Government

#MediaMemes: Arsenio Hall Sues Sinéad O'Connor for $5 Million Over #Prince and Drug Accusations

84% Of Hollywood Campaign Donations Have Gone To Hillary

Palestinian, Islamic State flags banned at Eurovision song contest

#MediaMemes: Jarvis Cocker, The National and Savages members to sing in chorus on 114 FM radios

Fans discover secret artwork hidden within David Bowie’s ★ (Blackstar) album cover

Radiohead, 9-11 and the Esoteric “Burn the Witch”

Radiohead share new song 'Daydreaming' and confirm album release date

#HolyHexes / #MediaMemes: The Occult Meaning(s) of Beyoncé’s “#Lemonade”

Movies and Mind Control: 'American Ultra' w/Andy Colvin

#MediaMemes: TCM and Criterion to Offer New Streaming Service; #FilmStruck Coming Nov 2016 📲🎥

#MediaMemes: New album releases on 5/6 w/@agiantdog, @BeverlyBand, @rooneyband, @theposies and more 🎶💥💿

#ThisDayInHistory: #May6 w/Crazy Horse surrenders, WPA, Hindenburg disaster, Moors murders, William Colby found + Freud, Valentino, #OrsonWelles, Bob Seger, Tony Blair, Clooney, @SadierLae birthdays

#SongsOfTheDay: A Giant Dog - “Creep” (Live On KUTX)

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