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#MorningMonarchy: May 27, 2016

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#MorningMonarchy: May 27, 2016Racist laundry ads, Marxist music videos and violent Legos + this day in history w/'Dragon Quest' and our song of the day by Kris Orlowski on your Morning Monarchy for May 27, 2016.


#MediaMemes Video: #SpellingBee ends in tie, again... (Audio)

Obama Has Overseen the Smallest Reduction in U.S. Nuclear Stockpile of Any Post-Cold War President

@AFP thank you @corbettreport @mediamonarchy @sibeledmonds for calling the plays months ahead of the game

Revenge and the Future of Media Finances

Chinese detergent manufacture washes dark skin chap to make him Chinese … Italians do the reverse (Audio)

Chinese state media lays down some tunes

#MediaMemes Video: "#Marx is a post-90s" (Audio)

#MediaMemes: The British pop talent crash - where have all the new acts gone?

#MediaMemes: Sony Full-Year Forecast Down Following Japanese Earthquakes

The British Library’s “Sounds” Archive Presents 80,000 Free Audio Recordings

“American Sniper” Chris Kyle Distorted His Military Record, Documents Show

#MediaMemes: Lego has become more and more violent in order to sell its products, according to a new study

#MediaMemes: Dave Mustaine pays tribute to former Megadeth drummer Nick Menza

#MediaMemes: Which rock star will historians of the future remember?

#MediaMemes: Prince Estate Claimants Object to Undergoing Genetic Testing 💉👑

#MediaMemes: David Lowery and Melissa Ferrick's Lawsuits Against Spotify Get Combined

Facebook has a fake concert problem

Mainstream media tries to buy AK-47 on darknet, fails, scammed out of $800

#MediaMemes: Newspaper Giants Fight for Market Share in a Dying Industry 📰

#MediaMemes: Sofia Coppola's #LaTraviata opens at Rome opera house 🇮🇹

'Killing Nemo'? 'Finding Dory' film hype could damage exotic fish populations

William McRaven's Osama bin Laden wanted poster sells for $100,000 at dinner

Geek critique: Neil Gaiman and Kameron Hurley pick apart pop culture

Here is the soundtrack to BUT WHAT IF WE'RE WRONG? It's like reading the book very fast with your eyes closed.

Morrissey Nixes Scheduled Concert at Chicago Riot Fest This Fall, Celebrates 57th Birthday

#MediaMemes: #Morrissey u-turn means he is now playing Chicago #RiotFest after all

#MediaMemes: #TheSimpsons actor Hank Azaria uses in-character graduation speech to offer life advice (Audio)

#MediaMemes: New album releases by @Beth_Orton, @DaMFunK, @KristinKontrol, @FlumeMusic, @BigThiefMusic, @Lacuna_Coil

#ThisDayInHistory: #May27 w/Three Little Pigs, Golden Gate Bridge, 'Dragon Quest' released, Paula Jones lawsuit + Don Williams, Cilla Black, Bruce Cockburn, Siouxsie Sioux, Neil Finn, @RJD2 birthdays

Video: Dragon Warrior (NES) Final Battle + Ending (Audio)

Today is the 6th anniversary of Chelsea Manning's arrest

#PumpUpThaVolume: Kris Orlowski - "Enough" (Audio)

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#MorningMonarchy: May 27, 2016