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#MorningMonarchy: June 8, 2016

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#MorningMonarchy: June 8, 2016Hemp hemp hooray, water cheats and Oregon oil + this day in history w/USS Liberty and our song of the day by Weaves on your Morning Monarchy for June 8, 2016.


Boston scheduled to run a large-scale mock terrorist attack as a drill this weekend

Susan Rice Promises Israel ‘Largest Military Aid Package In U.S. History’

All charming pre-1997 cars will now be banned in Paris to fight Global Warming.

Colorado's Growing Industrial Hemp Industry Shows Nullification Works in Practice

If There's Anything Stoners Should Do For Better Health, It's Brush Their Teeth

#FoodWorldOrder: FDA’s former top food cop now focused on food security

Massachusetts Committee Passes Bill to Expand Raw Milk Sales

Walmart to test food delivery with Uber and Lyft

At least 33 US cities used water testing 'cheats' over lead concerns

Chocolate Snorting Appears Safe From Feds

Monsanto patents a Rose that stays fresh for longer

Stanford researchers unexpectedly reverse brain damage with stem cells

#FoodWorldOrder Shocker!: Most Celebrity-Endorsed Food and Drink Unhealthy

#FoodWorldOrder from the not-too-distant future... This Lady Completely Loses Control After Her EBT Food Stamps Card Is Declined (Audio)

Flashback: Waiting for midnight, hungry families on food stamps give Walmart 'enormous spike' (Nov 2011)

#FoodWorldOrder Video: Oil Train Crash In Oregon Starts Fire (Audio)

#FoodWorldOrder: @UnionPacific resumes train traffic through #ColumbiaGorge 🚂⛽️😷

Schools in Portland, Oregon Test Positive for Lead in Water (Audio)

Regulators Fear $1 Billion Coal Cleanup Bill

Seattle-Caught Salmon Found To Contain Cocaine, Antidepressants, And Pain Relievers

Calls to bring back DDT to fight Zika

Independent brewers are playing with ancient ingredients to invent new beer flavors

Portugal's Health and Safety seize close to 1,000 litres of booze

Crowdfunded pipeline carries beer over 3km from production to bottling

Beer for breakfast? At Helsinki Airport, only Finns down early morning pints

Check out the ingredients list for #gainflings 😷

#GoodNewsNextWeek: So Much Solar Energy, They’re Giving It Away + Poo Power & Tofu Power

Interview w/Lars of The Qualia on art, commerce and "Out For Blood"

#ThisDayInHistory: #June8 w/#BillOfRights, '1984' published, #USSLiberty attacked, RFK funeral + Nancy Sinatra, Greg Ginn, Rob Pilatus, Kanye West, Derek Trucks, Sara Watkins birthdays

Flashback: Interview w/ Joan Rivers (June 2014)

#PumpUpThaVolume: Weaves - "Tick" (Audio)

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#MorningMonarchy: June 8, 2016