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#MorningMonarchy: August 17, 2016

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#MorningMonarchy: August 17, 2016Toxic dust, Roundup piss and millennial men + this day in history w/Fantasmagorie and our song of the day by Flyying Colours on your Morning Monarchy for August 17, 2016.


@Aetna is quitting 70 percent of #Obamacare markets

Aetna Pulling out of Obamacare Due to Blocked Merger? (Audio)

Now we know the real reason Aetna bailed on Obamacare

How the U.S. Spies on Medical Nonprofits and Health Defenses Worldwide

Number of 9/11 responders and others who were at Ground Zero with cancer has tripled

Coroner concluded this woman most likely developed narcolepsy from a swine flu vaccination

Long-term study links neonicotinoids to wild bee declines 🐝🐝⛽️

How Widespread Is Roundup®? Is It In Your Urine?

Unsafe Levels of Toxic Chemicals Found in Drinking Water for Six Million Americans

3 out of 4 lie about eating healthy

Wine, women and scam: High-end seller guilty in Ponzi scheme

Experiments Involving GMO Animals Are Skyrocketing, Study Finds

Monsanto Backs Out of Seed Plant in Argentina After Protests

Florida Keys Residents Resist Controversial GMO Mosquito Trial

U.S. prosecutors dealt setback in medical marijuana cases

All hail the humble moss, bringer of oxygen and life to Earth

Millennial men are significantly weaker than their fathers, study shows 💪🏻👎🏻

Get a Grip! Study Finds Men Have Weaker Hands & Arms Than They Did 30 Years Ago (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #August17 w/Fantasmagorie, Op Hydra, #KindOfBlue, Hurricane Camille, CDs, Clinton "misled people" + #MarcusGarvey, @DexysOfficial, @EJUpClose, @BelindaOfficial, @RealMariaMcKee birthdays

Don't Forget James Rumsey's Steamboat

#PumpUpThaVolume: Flyying Colours – "It's Tomorrow Now" (Audio)

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#MorningMonarchy: August 17, 2016