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#MorningMonarchy: August 19, 2016

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#MorningMonarchy: August 19, 2016One vision, festival fast lane and legal retreat + this day in history w/Daguerre's photographic process and our song of the day by Laura Gibson on your Morning Monarchy for August 19, 2016.


Mom who shot out TV in front of kids sentenced to probation

#Hillary #Clinton hasn’t held a press conference in 257 days. That’s ridiculous.

Trump Campaign Chief Ran Covert U.S. Lobbying Operation on Behalf of Pro-Russian Ukrainian Leader

Facebook Fugitive ‘Alive and Well and Living on the Air’

'WKRP in Cincinnati' Theme Song (Audio)

Your political Facebook posts aren’t changing how your friends think

Slug of @atmosphere backs #JillStein2016, meets her in #homemade shirt

Univision Acquires Gawker At Auction. IPO Next?

Univision Wins Gawker Auction for $135 Million (Audio)

Leonardo DiCaprio, the Malaysian money scandal and his "unusual" foundation

Alleged former Warner Bros. employee pens open letter calling out studio head, DC films

#BirthOfANation director Nate Parker's 1999 rape trial haunts 2016 film promotion cycle

#ArthurHiller, ‘Love Story’ Director and Former Academy President, Dies at 92

"Gibson is said to have kicked a producer on [#CriminalMinds] identified by TMZ as Virgil Williams."

#MakeAmericaBrannigan: Futurama star performs Trump quotes in character (Audio)

Too much TV makes men less fertile

Egypt suspends eight TV presenters for being too fat

Brian Williams to anchor late campaign newscast for MSNBC

Some US festivals are getting airport-style fast entry lanes

Why does AM-FM radio play the same songs over and over? (Audio)

The Night John Belushi Booked the Punk Band Fear on SNL, and They Got Banned from the Show

In concert, Adele chats nearly as much as she sings. One fan shouted: ‘Just sing!’

Morrissey says leave EU voters were made to look irresponsible after #Brexit

Jeff Beck rankles thought police on 'Loud Hailer' LP w/"Pull It", "Jersey" songs

Stream Kiefer Sutherland's (@RealKiefer) boozy, bad-ass country album 'Down in a Hole'

See the track list and album art for @nickcave & The Bad Seeds' new album, #SkeletonTree 💥🎶

Scientists use functional #brain imaging to see how Sting’s mind organizes music

Kesha drops abuse charge in NY case after dropping it in LA.

Listen to @AphexTwin literally all day with this 24-hour megamix

@RufusWainwright releases cover of "#Hallelujah" featuring 1,500 vocalists

#MediaMemes: New album releases w/@DollyParton, @SharonJones, @AgesAndAges, @JohnPaulWhite, @SPCECO, @ManiacMeat

#ThisDayInHistory: #August18 w/@CIA coups #Iran, Hungerford massacre, Crown Heights riot, Op Iraqi Freedom ends + Ginger Baker, Johnny Nash, @BillClinton, John Deacon, #NateDogg, @TimKasher birthdays Thursday 18 August: 77 killed

#PumpUpThaVolume: Laura Gibson - "The Cause" (Audio)

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#MorningMonarchy: August 19, 2016