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#MorningMonarchy: September 21, 2016

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#MorningMonarchy: September 21, 2016States of emergency, Seventh Generation sellouts and proposed protests + this day in history w/Orlando Letelier assassination and our song of the day by Album Leaf on your Morning Monarchy for September 21, 2016.


Two US States Declare State of Emergency After Gas Pipeline Leaks 250,000 Gallons

Pipeline running from Houston, TX to NY ruptures; emergency declared (Audio)

Florida Fertilizer Plant Sinkhole Leaks 215 Million Gallons of Radioactive Water Into Aquifer

Toxic Florida Sinkhole Concerns Grow (Audio)

@Unilever looks to takeover Honest Co. for $1B... not @HonestTea, they sold out to @CocaCola almost a decade ago. This is @jessicaalba selling out her hand sanitizer joint, @Honest.

Selling Sustainability: Organic Startup Honest Company in Talks with Unilever (Audio)

#SelloutOfTheWeek: @Unilever to buy U.S.-based @SeventhGen-eration 💸😵

Seventh Generation + Maya Rudolph | Common Scents (Audio)

Seventh Generation: "Bringing Our Mission to the World"

Seventh Generation CEO John Replogle joined company in 2011, yet refers to "we" when mentioning 1989 founding

Really @SeventhGen? You're selling out to @Unilever just like @DollarShaveClub @BenAndJerrys et al? I guess @Bayer wasn't offering enough...

When will @SeventhGen #comeclean and announce to their Twitter followers that they've sold out to @Unilever?

Ah *there* it is! 24hrs later, @seventhgen goes into #comeclean damage control mode on the tweets… Another #foodworldorder sellout

The @CDCgov ❤️'s @CocaCola

Dr. Bronner's resigns from Organic Trade Association

Dr. Bronner's donates over $600,000 to marijuana legalization efforts in five states

Whole Foods reaches $3.5M environmental waste settlement

Attention All Shoppers: Grocery Prices Are Continuing To Plummet

Prescriptions from big pharma more widely used than cigarettes from big tobacco 💊🚬😵🚬💊

Yakama Nation to join protest today of proposed water bottle plant in Columbia River Gorge

#ThisDayInHistory: #September21 w/#TheHobbit, Philippines martial law, Orland Letelier killed, 'In Utero' released + #HGWells150, #PapaJack, #ChuckJones, #LeonardCohen, @LindseyStirling birthdays

Local TV coverage of the assassination of Orlando Letelier (Audio)

#PumpUpThaVolume: The Album Leaf - "Between Waves" (Audio)

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#MorningMonarchy: September 21, 2016