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#MorningMonarchy: February 21, 2017

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Mexican malware, supernova spotted and even more space bugs + this day in history w/Nixon in China and our song of the day by The Golden Filter on your Morning Monarchy for February 21, 2017.


Government-grade spyware hits Mexican advocates of soda tax

UBER hires Eric #FastAndFurious Holder to lead sex harassment investigation (Audio)

The robot that takes your job should pay taxes, says Bill Gates

Kim Dotcom extradition to US can go ahead, New Zealand high court rules (Audio)

German parents warned to destroy ‘hackable’ talking dolls over child safety fears

Virtual reality brings Rome visitors back in time

Virtual reality comes to Emperor Nero's Golden Palace in Rome (Audio)

Military-Grade Spy Gear Is (Still) Flooding Local Police Depts

US military to unveil new super-powered lasers

Explosive supernova beginnings spotted for first time 💫

Superbug on ISS will help NASA understand its mutation

Our Plan To Treat Alien Viruses (Audio)

Alien bugs hitching a ride to Earth are a threat to humans

The Invasion (2007) - Trailer

#Nasa announces major press conference on a 'discovery beyond our solar system' - Feb 22 @ 1pm New York time

The Freds Are ‘Exactly!’ Right: Interview w/Fred Fairbrass

#ThisDayInHistory: #February21 w/#Nixon In China

+ #CommunistManifesto, #JamesI #KurtEisner & #MalcolmX killed

Flashback: Group sues feds over medical marijuana claims (Feb. 21, 2007)

Flashback: Billboards urge preparedness for attack on 11/9/09 (Feb. 21, 2007)

Flashback: "Ludicrous Diversion" (Feb. 21, 2007)

Flashback: NYPost bashes Christine Ebersole for saying 9/11 an inside job (Feb. 21, 2007)

Flashback: Report finds US terrorism statistics inaccurate (Feb. 21, 2007)

+ #NinaSimone, #VitalyChurkin, @ChuckPalahniuk birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: The Golden Filter - "We Are the Music" (Audio)

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