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#MorningMonarchy: March 2, 2017

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Mass meditations, sex slaves and the next march + this day in history w/Charlie Chaplin's body and our song of the day by Presentable Corpse on your Morning Monarchy for March 2, 2017.


Pat Robertson: Stop Witches From Cursing Donald Trump (Audio)

Pat Robertson: Opposition To Trump Is ‘Satanic’ (Audio)

Lana joined in too

Lana Del Rey Joins Effort to Defeat Trump With Witchcraft

Mass Meditation Event For Arrest Of Elite Washington Pedophile Ring at 11:11AM #February25 🍕

Frustrated survivor quits pope's panel on protecting minors from clergy abuse

The #PopeOfPeace quietly trims sanctions for pedophile priests

Pedophile sting ops roil U.S. forces on Okinawa


Famed #PeakPortland jazz musician, educator #TharaMemory indicted on several counts of sexual abuse

"From hairdressers to sex slaves": Voodoo rituals used to force women into prostitution

Parallax Redux? Shots Fired During French President Hollande's Speech

Photo album found in Eva Braun’s bedroom drawer reveals never-before-seen shots of Adolf Hitler

Threats against Jewish schools and community centers soar to 100 across 33 states

Another classic false flag: Lakeville special needs student of color disciplined after racist graffiti

CPAC replacement speaker for Milo was notorious Japanese cult member

Moral Outrage Is Self-Serving, Say Psychologists; Perpetually raging? You're probably overcompensating 😤

Ray Kurzweil's Singularity University passing off Terry Schiavo as new "neuro rehab" patient?

21 hurt when vehicle plows into #Endymion parade crowd in NOLA

Police in #Heidelberg shoot man armed with knife after he drove into pedestrian area (Audio)

Another #MardiGras car ramming, this time in Alabama

Satanic Temple Memberships Surge in #Trollmerica

Previously untouched 600BC palace discovered under shrine demolished by Isil in Mosul

Rachel #Dolezal, former NAACP leader who claimed to be black, is unemployed and on food stamps

Black actress wants to punch white women that support #BlackLivesMatter

Jimmy Kimmel jokes about Scientology at Oscars

Highway 61 Revisited: Bill Paxton Dies

Body Found in Closet at Hollywood's Magic Castle

Illegal fundraiser for Clintons made secret tape because he feared being added to the #ClintonBodyCount 💥

Meet #RasmeaYousefOdeh, convicted terrorist/INS fraudster behind #March8 #WomensStrike

#NewWorldNextWeek: Americans Are Ditching TV in Record Numbers. Here's What They're Watching.

#ThisDayInHistory: #March2 w/Graverobbers take #CharlieChaplin body (Audio)

+ Semaphore, #KingKong opens, #HoChiMinh/#NelsonMandela elected

Flashback: Giuliani To Run For President Of 9/11 (Mar. 2, 2007)

+ #KurtWeill, #LouReed, #RoryGallagher, #KarenCarpenter birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Presentable Corpse - "Don't End up Alone" (Audio)

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