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#MorningMonarchy: March 23, 2017

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Charlie work, Zora's zombies and still normalizing cannibalism + this day in history w/"Liberty Or Death" and our song of the day by CeCe Winans on your Morning Monarchy for March 23, 2017.


Israeli teen suspect arrested in Israel for Jewish Center bomb threats

Who was London terror attacker Khalid Masood?

4Chan post predicted London attack

Man held for 'driving at crowd' in Antwerp, Belgium

At least 30 dead after air strike hits Syrian school

New footage of 9/11 Pentagon attack?

2017 London Attack

"The source I trusted, but ultimately I made a mistake... Abu Izzadeen is in prison." - Simon Israel on Channel 4 News

Prediction made of David Brock's heart attack 2 weeks ago on 4Chan

Story of the Manson cult and murder on ABC 20/20 (Audio)

Fascinating story about how Peter Levenda conned a bunch of people in 70s-80s with "genuine" Necronomicon

Rick Ross Recounts Spending Time With Scientologists

20 years later, Heaven's Gate lives on — via internet, scholarly debates (Audio)

Russia seeks to declare Jehovah's Witnesses an extremist group

'MormonLeaks' threatens legal action against LDS Church over copyrighted material

In sect that shuns medicine, case against Pennsylvania pastor is novel

Idaho Senate Kills 'Faith Healing' Bill, 11-24

Wrongful-death lawsuit against Orange, L.A. dioceses alleges man killed himself over molestation by priest

OKC state senator stripped of powers as police investigate finding him in a hotel room with teenage boy

Former Hubbard, Ohio mayor admits to raping 4-year-old

Facebook rape stirs questions about witnessing crimes online

'Power Rangers' actor enters plea after allegedly killing roommate with sword

'I drive from coast to coast, and this s*** [Earth] is flat to me' - #shaquilleoneal

Diving tours to #Titanic shipwreck to begin in 2018, priced equal to the original Titanic 1st class ticket

The System Is Normalizing Cannibalism (Audio)

Author Zora Neale Hurston talks about #zombies in #January25, 1943 interview (Audio)

A listener's letter regarding the ongoing campaign/memes to #NormalizeCannibalism 🍖

#ThisDayInHistory: #March23 w/#PatrickHenry's "Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death!" Speech (Audio)

+ #Handel's "Messiah", #EnablingAct, #SDI, #MIR breaks up

Flashback: British Forces Held By Iran (Mar. 23, 2007)

+ #Kurosawa, #WernherVonBraun, #PhilipZimbardo, #rExxonTillerson, @DamonAlbarn birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: CeCe Winans - "Hey Devil!" (w/The Clark Sisters) (Audio)

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