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#MorningMonarchy: March 28, 2017

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Strange times, solar radiation management and orbiting colonies + this day in history w/Three Mile Island and our song of the day by Thievery Corporation on your Morning Monarchy for March 28, 2017.


5 Reasons Why You’re Living In The Strangest Time In Human History

‘No place to hide’: UK Home Secretary urges end to WhatsApp encryption after London attack

London attack re-opens WhatsApp #encryption row (Audio)

Uber to Suspend Autonomous Tests After Arizona Accident

Uber suspends #driverless cars after crash (Audio)

The Royal Mint's top-secret security patents behind the new £1 coin

Universal basic income (#UBI) debate sharpens as 47% jobs lost to bots by 2020 🤖🚛

Elon Musk says Universal Basic Income is "going to be necessary." (Audio)

Coming soon to a collapsing democracy near you...The scoops are on their way! But it's Tuesday!! (Audio)

Russia creates 'unstoppable' hypersonic #Zircon missile with Navy destroying 4,600mph speed 🚀💥

Russia strikes with its new #hypersonic missile (Audio)

On their FAQ page, the #FBI claims not to have an #XFiles involving UFOs. Here are their X-Files involving UFOs.

US scientists launch world's biggest #geoengineering study ✈️ ☁️

"Solar radiation management" euphemism to replace previous PR tag "#geoengineering" (Audio)

‘Galaxy of swirling storms’: Juno snaps stunning turbulence over Jupiter

Stephen Hawking is being sent to space

Stephen #Hawking Plans to Travel to Space Aboard Virgin Galactic (Audio)

Thousands could live in space colonies orbiting the Earth in just 20 years, expert claims

#ThisDayInHistory: #March28 w/#ThreeMileIsland meltdown in 1979 (Audio)

+ #PalmSunday tornadoes, #Eisenhower dies, #HousesOfTheHoly

Flashback: "Nuclear 9/11" Is Possible (Mar. 28, 2007)

Flashback: Pentagon Resumes Mandatory Anthrax Vaccination Program (Mar. 28, 2007)

Flashback: Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Rumsfeld (Mar. 28, 2007)

Flashback: Mark Cuban Exposes O’Reilly Hypocrisy // Documentary 'Press For Truth' Questions Response to 9/11 // Kucinich Vows to Look Into "Narrow Portion" of 9/11 // James Woods Saw Trial Run for 9/11 (Mar. 28, 2007)

+ Zbigniew #Brzezinski, #HankPaulson, #VinceVaughn birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Thievery Corporation - "Fight To Survive" (w/Mr. Lif) (Audio)

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