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#MorningMonarchy: April 24, 2017

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"Gotham Shield", government motors and a "super-mighty preemptive strike" + this day in history w/Operation Eagle Claw and our song of the day by Broken Social Scene on your Morning Monarchy for April 24, 2017.


Operation Gotham Shield: U.S. Gov't To "Simulate Nuke Blast Over Manhattan"

Joy at #LePen HQ as Macron, Le Pen shown ahead

Macron, #LePen make French history (Audio)

Obama wishes establishment Macron "good luck". His last EU intervention went well...

German foreign intelligence spied on Interpol for more than a decade

Saudi air force pilot, son of King Salman, appointed envoy to US

Nikki Haley says Iran the "chief culprit" in Middle East conflict (Audio)

Only Chlorine, Not Sarin, Involved In The Khan Sheikhun Incident

GM quits Venezuela after government seizes its factory

Why was @GM doing business in #Venezuela in the first place? (Audio)

Trump praises #China efforts on #NorthKorea "menace," NK warns of "super-mighty preemptive strike"

Theresa May announces snap general election on June 8 to 'make a success of Brexit'

#TheresaMay seeks general election for #June8 (Audio)

AG Sessions declines to comment when asked if prosecuting WikiLeaks might mean news orgs could also be prosecuted (Audio)

Two white nationalists visit @UOregon; don’t find any support … except for the 100+ people/media?

Berkeley Mayor Exposed As Member of Militant Antifa Group That Orchestrated Riots

#ThisDayInHistory: #April24 w/Operation #EagleClaw fails to end #Iran hostage crisis (Audio)

+ @LibraryCongress, #ArmenianGenocide, #Bowie marries Iman

Flashback: Fascist America In 10 Easy Steps (Apr. 24, 2007)

Flashback: "Deliberate and Calculated Lies" (Apr. 24, 2007)

Flashback: New Hearings On Old Military Lies (Apr. 24, 2007)

+ #ShirleyMacLaine, @EricBogosian, #TonyVisconti birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Broken Social Scene - "Halfway Home" (Audio)

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