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#MorningMonarchy: May 23, 2017

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BrockGate, Dubai AI and unplanned spacewalks + this day in history w/Eichmann captured and our song of the day by Shabazz Palaces on your Morning Monarchy for May 23, 2017.


Pacific Power: Electricity out for 2,002 downtown until Tuesday night because of fire

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Manchester Concert Attack; 22 Are Dead

Sweden Drops Assange’s Rape Case — But He’s Not Walking Free

Swedish prosecutors drop case on Julian #Assange (Audio)

WikiLeaks Reveals 'Athena' CIA Spying Program Targeting All Versions of Windows

#Vault7 ‘#Athena’: WikiLeaks publishes new CIA leaks as case against #Assange dropped (Audio)

‘Bigger than WannaCry’: New malware employs 7 NSA exploits, expert warns

Theresa May to shut down the internet as we know it

#BrockGate: Playbook Shows Media Matters Has Access to Raw Data From Facebook, Twitter, and More

Reuters claims to have developed a robot that can data-mine Twitter to "strip out fake news"

Twitter's new privacy policy abandons a longstanding privacy pledge

What you should know about Twitter's privacy policy change (Audio)

#PreCrime In Orange County As Investigators "One Step Ahead Of Crooks" (Audio)

And so it begins. The robot overlords are unveiled...

Automated justice: #Dubai police rolls out world’s first ‘Robocop’

#RoboCop in #Dubai - You can't spell Dubai without AI (Audio)

ISS Crew to Carry Out Unplanned Spacewalk to Change Failed Equipment

Astronauts to make unplanned spacewalk scheduled for Tuesday, #May23 (Audio)

"I know for certain that the Seth Rich case has scared the shit out of certain high ranking current and former Democratic Party officials..."

Facebook hit with maximum fine for breaking French privacy law

#FriendFace fined by France's data protection agency @CNIL (Audio)

Patreon double in a year to 1million patrons

#ThisDayInHistory: #May23 w/Nazi Adolf #Eichmann's capture in #Argentina announced in 1960 (Audio)

+ #JoanOfArc captured, Capt. Kidd hanged, #BonnieAndClyde killed

Flashback: Outside the Box #102 (May 23, 2007)

Flashback: 'Conspiracies - The Pope & the Mafia Millions' (May 23, 2007)

Flashback: 9/11 Veteran Found Murdered in Scottsdale (May 23, 2007)

Flashback: 'Simpsons' on the Difference Between Fox News & Fox Network (May 23, 2007)

+ #FranzMesmer, #ArtieShaw, #RobertMoog, @PhilipSelway birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Shabazz Palaces - "Shine A Light" (Audio)

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