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#MorningMonarchy: June 9, 2017

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#MorningMonarchy: June 9, 2017Blockbuster brands, 'Music Mafia' and 'American Made' + this day in history w/the Hollywood Madam and our song of the day by Living Colour on your Morning Monarchy for June 9, 2017.


Roman Polanski sex victim to appear in court for first time

Roger Waters Responds to Thom Yorke Over Israel Controversy

Two Democratic Senators Ask SXSW to Move Out of Texas Over Anti-Immigrant Law

Oliver Stone: Megyn Kelly didn't know her stuff with Putin

#Putin and #MegynKelly have heated exchange over Trump-Russia ties (Audio)

Oliver Stone’s "Putin Interviews" will teach you little about Putin and even less about Russia

Blockbuster brands manipulate liberals (and other fake political paradigms) for profit

Bill Maher Apologizes for Using N-Word on HBO’s ‘Real Time’

@KillerMike Would've Punched #BillMaher If He Used N-Word in Front of Him, But He's Not Pissed (Audio)

Jon Stewart and HBO Cancel Animated Shorts Project

Who Is #MusicMafia, the Hacker Group Leaking Kanye West Songs For Bitcoins?

New Music From #Kanye Leaked By '#MusicMafia' (Audio)

Courtney Love 'Obsessed' With #Lana Del Rey

Roger Smith, star of '77 Sunset Strip,' dies at age 84

'#77SunsetStrip' Star #RogerSmith Dies at 84 (Audio)

Peter Sallis, voice of 'Wallace and Gromit,' dead at 96

Glenne Headly, 'Dick Tracy' and 'Mr. Holland's Opus' Star, Dies at 63

How Cary Grant dropped acid 100 times in therapy

'Becoming #CaryGrant' Trailer (Audio)

#SCTV, #KidsInTheHall Members Team Up for Star-Studded #Toronto Benefit Show, '#TakeOffEh!'

Tom Hanks' mysterious tower photo sparks conspiracy theories

#Titanpointe: Mysterious NYC skyscraper owned by @ATT nerve center of #NSA mass surveillance programs

#DeepFocus: '#AmericanMade' is your latest installment in CIA entertainment (Audio)

Flashback: Plane Crash on Set of Tom Cruise Movie '#Mena' Kills Two (Sep. 11, 2015) (Audio)

Tom Cruise's '#AmericanMade' Producers Face Insurer's Lawsuit Over Plane Crash Deaths

Did Tom Cruise helicopter clip doomed ‘#Mena’ plane?

Billboard's 50 best albums of 2017 so far

#NewMusicFriday: @ChuckBerry, @TheSecretSister, @AniDifranco, @SlowDancerBand, @BigThiefMusic, #Hudson

#ThisDayInHistory: #June9 w/Heidi Fleiss, the '#HollywoodMadam', arrested in 1993 (Audio)

+#BrianJones fired, #Secretariat wins, #GhostTrain, "#Batdance"

Flashback: Tom Hanks TV Series to Debunk JFK Conspiracy Theories (Jun. 9, 2007)

+ #ColePorter, #FredWaring, #SkipJames, #LesPaul birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Living Colour - "Come On" (Audio)

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