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#MorningMonarchy: July 27, 2017

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#MorningMonarchy: July 27, 2017King cobras, holy sites and drunken priests + this day in history w/Centennial Olympic Park bombing and our song of the day by Dead Stars on your Morning Monarchy for July 27, 2017.


Woman lives alone on remote island for decades surrounded by horses, seals, birds...

"Wasserman" a fabled, man-shaped sea monster, supposed to attack ships

Man accused of smuggling king cobras in potato chip cans 🐍

Man arrested smuggling King Cobras in cans (Audio)

Calling 911 means the cops might show up and murder you 🚨

O.J. Simpson granted parole after serving 9 years of a 33 year prison sentence

Research on brains of 202 former football players found evidence of disease in nearly all

#NFL #CTE Numbers 'Eye-Opening' (Audio)

ABC News cuts out all the parts where the parents blame the state for not letting them save Charlie Gard while they could (Audio)

Angelina Jolie reveals Bell's Palsy diagnosis in new interview

First Human Embryos Edited in U.S. - Of Course It's In Portland

U.N. Envoy Warns: Ire At Jerusalem Holy Site Must Be Resolved By Week's End

3,810 JFK assassination documents. 441 never seen before. 3,369 now unredacted

Scaramuccia Keeps Our Eyes Wide Shut

These haunting photos of the retail apocalypse reveal a new normal in America

One dead, seven injured after ride malfunction at Ohio State Fair

Fatal #OhioStateFair Ride Leaves One Dead, Seven Injured (Audio)

"I’d have helped him bury the bodies," says new wife of Ukrainian serial killer, who bore his child

'My Friend Dahmer' Trailer (Audio)

'American Horror Story: Cult' Drops a Clown-Filled Recruitment Teaser Trailer

#AmericanHorrorStoryCult Preview (Audio)

Alien reptile internet 'cult' played central role in N.J. man's death

Shooting Suspect Tells Police: Boyfriend Wanted to Die Because of Cult (Audio)

Broken Faith, an AP investigative series about a NC church rife with reports of abuse

Captured Polygamous Sect Leader Due to Face Charges in Utah

Paul Shanley, notorious priest in Catholic church sex abuse scandal, to be released this week

#PaulShanley, Convicted Pedophile Priest, To Be Released From Prison Friday (Audio)

Pennsylvania priest arrested for sexually abusing 10-year-old boy ⛪️

Retired Priest Charged With Sexual Assault (Audio)

Priest drunkenly molests fellow priest as corrupt institutions continue to cannibalize and turn on themselves ⛪️

Former @OwlCity member pleads guilty to "lewdness with a child"

Will Grunge Suicide Copycats Continue?

Lana Del Rey confirms attempt to use witchcraft against Donald Trump

#NewWorldNextWeek: Employees Getting Microchipped in the US

#ThisDayinHistory: #July27 w/the Atlanta #Olympics Park bombing in 1996 (Audio)

+ #Chicago race riots, "#Sleepwalk" single, #RideTheLightning

Flashback: Flag-Defiling Charge Ends In Fight, Arrest (Jul. 27, 2007)

Flashback: No Evidence of Enemy Fire in Tillman Death // Credit Card Aimed at Relieving ‘Carbon Footprints’ // DNA Identifies Another 9/11 Victim // FBI Proposes Building Network of US Informants // While Real Bullets Fly, Movies Bring War Home (Jul. 27, 2007)

+ #BobbieGentry, @CarolLeifer, @JulianaHatfield birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Dead Stars - "Pink Clouds" (Audio)

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