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#MorningMonarchy: July 28, 2017

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#MorningMonarchy: July 28, 2017All-cash deals, rolled-up Warhols and concert cults + this day in history w/the Empire State Building plane crash and our song of the day by Matthew Dear on your Morning Monarchy for July 28, 2017.


Beats For Cash: 300K Artists Making $20M In The Music Industry's New Gig Economy

Exhumation of Dali's remains finds his mustache still intact (Audio)

Che Guevara is being used to sell 'revolutionary' office space and lofts in the U.K.

Viacom willing to make an all-cash deal to buy Scripps Networks

#YouTubeRed + #GooglePlayMusic = More Consolidation

Apple discontinues the iPod Nano & Shuffle

"We found it rolled up in a tube" - #AliceCooper discovers #Warhol classic after 40 years

Nicolas Cage slammed by human rights group for propping up "brutal dictator" in Kazakhstan

Four scientific journals publish "fake paper" on Midi-Chlorians from Star Wars

Venezuela Maduro's 'Despacito' political remix backfires quickly (Audio)

Justin Bieber struck a paparazzo with his truck while trying to leave a church meeting in Beverly Hills, police say (Audio)

June Foray, Voice of ‘Bullwinkle Show’s’ Natasha and Rocky, Dies at 99

Barbara Sinatra, Frank's 4th wife and philanthropist, dies (left Zeppo Marx for Sinatra)

John Heard Dead at 72

More than 90 hospitalized during Chance the Rapper show

Arcade Fire Announce Strict Dress Code For Brooklyn Show

2017 #MercuryPrize shortlist fails to spotlight truly exciting British music

#NewMusicFriday: #ArcadeFire, #BenGibbard, #PetShopBoys, #TheCars, #JerryGarcia and more

#ThisDayInHistory: #July28 w/the #EmpireStateBuilding gets hit by US B-25 bomber in 1945 (Audio)

+ #SilentParade, #SummerJam, #KennewickMan, #Napster injunction

+ #RudyVallee, #JackieO, #RichardWright, #SouljaBoy birthdays

Flashback: Darth Cheney to Get Battery Replaced (Jul. 28, 2007)

#PumpUpThaVolume: Matthew Dear - "Modafinil Blues" (Audio)

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#MorningMonarchy: July 28, 2017