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#MorningMonarchy: August 1, 2017

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#MorningMonarchy: August 1, 2017
Robot maps, poison papers and the right stuff + this day in history w/MTV's launch and our song of the day by Belle & Sebastian on your Morning Monarchy for August 1, 2017.


#Scaramucci does the fandango out the door after 11 days

Honolulu has come up with a way to tackle 'smartphone zombies'

Your Roomba already maps your home. Now the CEO plans to sell that map (Audio)

Hackers break into voting machines in minutes at hacking competition

HBO’s Computer Networks Hacked, ‘Game of Thrones’ Script May Have Leaked

Meet The New YouTube Powered By BitTorrent With No Censorship

The Poison Papers: Secret concerns of industry & regulators on the hazards of pesticides and other chemicals

US Air Force won't pay for towns' water contamination costs

There’s Plague on the Prairie, but These Dogs May Be Protected (with Peanut Butter Vaccines)

War on weed: Veterans’ access to medical marijuana blocked by Republicans

@Starbucks to shutter all 379 @TEAVANA stores as tea business tanks

Drinking alcohol regularly 'significantly protects against diabetes'

Why some people worry that sunscreen might be bad for you (Hint: It's not the sunscreen, it's the chemical additives)

August 21-22: An Eclipse, Disasters, and Suicides?

#CharlieGard dies after coming off life support

Raymond Joseph #Liddy, California deputy AG & son of #Watergate figure, arrested on child porn charges

Small town shocked by mass arrests in child-trafficking sting operation

James Packer quietly severs business ties with the Church of Scientology - after former fiancee Mariah Carey blamed the controversial religion for their split

LA Times reports Netflix is over $20 billion in debt

Bill Gates' BEN does product placement in Netflix and Amazon shows

Angelina Jolie denies exploiting Cambodian children... for new Netflix film

Playwright #SamShepard dies aged 73

Pulitzer-winning playwright #SamShepard dead at 73 (Audio)

Jeanne Moreau, star of Jules et Jim, dies aged 89

Jack White is in the studio recording a new solo album

SoundCloud is close to getting a lifeline

Discovery Communications to buy Scripps Networks Interactive for $14.6 billion, or $90 a share

#Discovery acquires #Scripps for $14.6B (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #August1 w/the launch of #MTV in 1981 (Audio)

+ #WarsawUprising, #TheTwist, #WitchyWoman, #MTV2, #K2

Flashback: Rumsfeld changes course, will testify on Tillman death (Aug. 1, 2007)

Flashback: Oakland, CA to transform red light cameras into spy cameras // US agrees to $30bn defence aid deal with Israel // Captured & killed al-Qaeda figure was invented // Kissinger-led US group attends closed debate at Putin home // Senior French pol dares to question the 9/11 tale // Poll: Much of US favors Bush impeachment (Aug. 1, 2007)

+ #JerryGarcia, #JimCarroll, #JoeElliott, @MrChuckD birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Belle and Sebastian - "We Were Beautiful" (Audio)

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