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#MorningMonarchy: September 12, 2017

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The enduring octopus, planted computers and extended battery life + this day in history w/another other 9/11 and our song of the day by Marilyn Manson on your Morning Monarchy for September 12, 2017.


Netanyahu's new poodle: Conan O'Brien rolls over for Israel

PM Netanyahu meets with Conan O'Brien (Audio)

Israeli PM sheds statesmanlike persona as scandals mount

Ted Cruz blames staffer for 'liking' porn tweet

US Army prepares forces in South Korea for WMD attack

US Army prepares forces in #SouthKorea for WMD attack (Audio)

The enduring Octopus and what FOIA withholdings reveal about the #PROMIS scandal

Connecticut Just Banned Civil Forfeiture Without A Criminal Conviction

DC Police Report Indicates #AwanBrothers Planted Laptop For Investigators To Find (Audio)

"We're Just Trying To Feed Our Families" - Equifax Hackers Demand $2.6 Million Ransom In Bitcoin

#Equifax CFO sold stock before hacking went public? (Audio)

BRICS countries considering own cryptocurrency as settlement mechanism

YouTube pulls down ‘immigration and Islam’ video featuring Nigel Farage amid growing censorship row

#ElonMusk Magically Extends the Battery Life of #Tesla Vehicles Fleeing #HurricaneIrma

#Tesla Aids Hurricane #Irma Evacuees By Remotely Adding Extra Battery Power (Audio)

Monster belches: Sun produces most powerful solar flare in over decade

Sun unleashes strongest #solarflares in decade (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #September12 w/Frank Corder fatally crashes Cessna into WH West Wing (Audio)

+ #FlatwoodsMonster, #SteveBiko, #Morrissey quits #TheSmiths

Flashback: Mainstream Journalist Admits "I Was Wrong on 9/11 Truth" (Sep. 12, 2007)

Flashback: World Trade Center, July 1999 (Sep. 12, 2007)

+ #GeorgeJones, #BarryWhite, #NeilPeart, #BenFolds birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Marilyn Manson - "We Know Where You Fucking Live" (Audio)

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