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#MorningMonarchy: September 14, 2017

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Shooter drills, broken minds and Cassini's goodbye kiss + this day in history w/the death of President McKinley and our song of the day by The Darts on your Morning Monarchy for September 14, 2017.


Grant Hart, Hüsker Dü Drummer and Singer, Dies at 56

Active shooter/lockdown at #Spokane school follows yesterday's active shooter/lockdown drill (Audio)

#PedoGate: #Seattle Mayor #EdMurray resigns

Seattle mayor resigns after sex abuse allegation (Audio)

Seattle Mayor Finally Resigns After His Own Cousin Becomes Fifth Child Sex-Abuse Accuser

Ex-youth pastor gets prison in decades-old Michigan abuse case

Prosecutor says man convicted of killing two prostitutes in the 1990s may be tied to more NY slayings

Hoping to counter deadly trend, Utah officials confirm 425 suicides so far in 2017

Four doctors and a pizzeria owner go on trial in Costa Rica for organ trafficking ring

Viking warrior found in Sweden was a woman, researchers confirm

Viking sword discovery: Hunter finds 1,100-year-old weapon on Norwegian mountain

Attorney: Girl in Slender Man case had 'broken mind'

Dark Web decodes nun's letter from the 'devil'

Bodies of 'hundreds' of children buried in mass grave at Scottish orphanage

Family of Illinois woman found dead in hotel freezer say police didn't do enough

Skull of unknown Mountain Meadows Massacre child victim buried as descendants mourn 1857 tragedy

What is Australia’s white supremacist group, Antipodean Resistance?

Declassified CIA Docs Reveal Hitler Survived WW2, With Picture to Prove it

Another Suspected Blue-Whale Death In India, 10-Year-Old In Gujarat Hangs Self

Teen throws herself from 15th floor after BlueWhale 'suicide game' led to girls jumping to their deaths

#Cassini spacecraft completes ‘goodbye kiss’ and turns to face its fiery death on Friday

Cassini spacecraft gets 'goodbye kiss' (Audio)

Leah Remini gets emotional after winning Emmy for "Scientology and the Aftermath"

A judge deemed Martin Shkreli a "danger to society" after posting a $5K bounty on Hillary Clinton's hair

Canadian gets jail time for biting girl at Green Day concert

Woman Alleges All Four Members Of Metal Band #Decapitated Gang-Raped Her After #Spokane Show

#ThisDayInHistory: #September14 w/#PresidentMcKinley dies from assassination, i.e. gangrene (Audio)

+ #Luna2, #TheArchies, #Gemayel, #NorthernRock bank run

Flashback: Media Pans Bush's Surge Speech (Sep. 14, 2007)

+ #MargaretSanger, #JoeyHeatherton, #AmyWinehouse birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: The Darts - "The Cat's Meow" (Audio)

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