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#MorningMonarchy: September 19, 2017

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#MorningMonarchy: September 19, 2017Reaching Jew haters, marrying your computer and triggering the bodegas + this day in history w/the Tehran UFO incident and our song of the day by Ibeyi on your Morning Monarchy for September 19, 2017.


Trump Threatens to ‘Totally Destroy’ North Korea

Avast reckons #CCleaner malware infected 2.27M users

Server hack on security firm Avast attached malware to popular #CCleaner app (Audio)

#BlueBorne #bluetooth bug could expose billions of devices to attack 👾

Billions of devices vulnerable to #BlueBorne #Bluetooth hack (Audio)

Simple Design "Flaw" Makes It Astoundingly Easy To Hack Siri, Alexa

Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, etc. can be hacked with voice commands (Audio)

Another Coverup? Equifax Accused Of Scrubbing That Its Chief Security Officer Was A Music Major

FriendFace Enabled Advertisers to Reach ‘#JewHaters’

Facebook allowed advertisers to target anti-Semitic groups (Audio)

Ban social media trolls from voting, election watchdog suggests

Discovery Of Another Democratic "Secret Server" May Have Prompted Imran Awan's Firing

#AwanBrothers Had Secret Server (Audio)

Julian Assange is ready to reveal who was Podesta email leak in exchange for pardon

Facebook and Google have become 'surveillance states' and risk regulation, investor warns

Amazon Is Hungry and It’s Coming for Your Cable Channels

Mountain Brook native fights to marry computer to protest gay marriage 'charade'

Payment system glitch causes widespread power outage in Papua New Guinea

Netflix Has Narcos Actors Threaten To Shoot The Families Of French People For Pirating The Show

Business of addiction - How the games industry is learning from casinos 👾 💰

The #CIA is responsible for the Starship Troopers PC game, and other strange examples of Agency influence

Alphabet Talks With Lyft About Possible "Investment" 💰 🚗

Alphabet May Make Possible Investment In #Lyft (Audio)

Northrop Grumman to buy missile maker #OrbitalATK for $7.8bn

Wisconsin Senate approves $3 billion for Foxconn

#Wisconsin Senate approves $3 billion for #Foxconn (Audio)

Two ex-Googlers want to make bodegas and mom-and-pop corner stores obsolete

Here's why people are #triggered over '#Bodega' (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #September19 w/the #Tehran UFO incident in 1976 (Audio)

+ #Glastonbury, #GramParsons, #PMRC, #Unabomber manifesto

Flashback: China’s Ultimatum - Let Us Invade Taiwan or We’ll Dump the Dollar

Flashback: Christine Ebersole Stands Up for 9/11 truth

Flashback: Was Israeli Raid a Dry Run for Attack on Iran?

+ #MamaCass, #NileRodgers, @LitaFord, #JarvisCocker birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Ibeyi - "Away Away" (Audio)

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#MorningMonarchy: September 19, 2017