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#MorningMonarchy: November 17, 2017

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Bombshell blockbuster, Warped forever and tangled up in green + this day in history w/Nixon's not a crook and our song of the day by Godflesh on your Morning Monarchy for November 17, 2017.


Film tells how Hollywood star Hedy Lamarr helped to invent wifi

'Bombshell: The #HedyLamarr Story' Trailer (Audio)

US Court Hears Case Involving Impersonation of AP Journalist

Comcast has approached 21st Century Fox to express interest in buying some major assets, sources tell CNBC.

#Comcast Sets Sight On #21StCenturyFox (Audio)

#BuzzFeed Going Public In 2018 (#March30, 2017) (Audio)

BuzzFeed canceled its IPO - And you won't believe what happened next!

Syndicated gossip columnist Liz Smith is dead at 94

Gossip columnist #LizSmith dies at 94 (Audio)

Fashion mag @marieclaire says @taylorswift13 shld apologize for being "apolitical." No, she shouldn't

Following allegations of sexual misconduct against Brand New frontman Jesse Lacey, the band has canceled upcoming tour dates

Netflix cuts ties with Louis CK

London's @OldVicTheatre "uncovers" 20 allegations against #KevinSpacey

Al Franken stalked and harassed me. He scared the living hell out of me. It's all true.

Sylvester Stallone accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old fan

#SylvesterStallone accused of sexually assaulting teenage fan in 1986 while shooting '#OverTheTop' (Audio)

Bill Nye’s “Ask Me Anything” On Reddit Turned Out Far Worse Than His Predictions for the Environment

The music industry’s last remaining major traveling festival is saying goodbye. Warped Tour will be hitting the road for a final trek in 2018.

The Vans #WarpedTour Is Ending After The 2018 Festival: 25th Anniversary Celebration Planned For 2019 (Audio)

The music you didn't realize you grew up with: Chip Tanaka's 8-bit revolution

#Metroid NES - SOUNDTRACK // #KidIcarus (NES) Soundtrack (Audio)

Leonardo da Vinci painting sells for $450m at auction, smashing records

#DaVinci motherload: #SalvatorMundi painting sells for $450M US, shattering record (Audio)

Tangled Up in Green: Dylan guitar sells for nearly $400,000

#BobDylan's Electric Guitar Sets Auction Record (Audio)

"Sometimes brilliant, sometimes infuriating, and 💯  percent #Morrissey."; @BostonGlobe review #LowInHighSchool ahead of tomorrow's release

#NewMusicFriday: #Morrissey's 11th, #Godflesh's 8th, @BarenakedLadies 12th, #GBH's 12th + live Sabbath, Maiden & ELO; this week's album from @TheeOhSees, a #JohnColtrane soundtrack, a lost LP by #ChrisGantry & more

#ThisDayInHistory: #November17 w/#Nixon tells 400 @AP managing editors assembled at #Disneyworld on this day in 1973 that, "I am not a crook." (Audio)

+ #HHHolmes arrested, @SAGaftra implements Anti-#Communist oath, JFK dedicates @Dulles_Airport, #HeidiBowl, #StarWarsHolidaySpecial, '#DoubleFantasy' drops, the #LuxorMassacre

Flashback: Army Desertion Rate Up 80% Since 2003 (Nov. 17, 2007)

Flashback: In Ron Paul Coins, Federal Agents Don’t Trust // Fed Makes Biggest Temporary Injection Since 9/11 // ‘Loose Change: Final Cut’ // Massive Attack Simulation To Involve Every State // USrael Won’t Cooperate With Syrian Inquest // Comcast Sued Over Web Interference (Nov. 17, 2007)

+ #RockHudson, #MartinScorsese, @DannyDeVito, #EastBayRay, @RuPaul, #JeffBuckley, @MrsKimyaDawson birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Godflesh - "Post Self" (Audio)

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