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#MorningMonarchy: November 20, 2017

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Agent Manson, botched raids and illegal orders + this day in history w/the indictment of Phil Spector and our song of the day by METZ on your Morning Monarchy for November 20, 2017.


FBI Agent Robert Manson Robbed of Gun, Rolex After Night of Drinking with Exotic Dancer

Beautiful photo of Louise Linton with the love of her life and also Steven Mnuchin

Counterfeiters caught in the act

Fake Left Use Viral #MnuchinMoney Photo to Troll Fake Right On Tax Reform Bill (Audio)

Why America's Retail Apocalypse Could Accelerate Even More In 2018

FBI Informant Has Video Of Russian Agents With Briefcases Of Bribe Money In Clinton-Uranium Scandal (Audio)

Green Beret Was Killed After Discovering Navy SEALs' Illicit Cash Scheme

Detroit Cops Posing As Drug Dealers Brawl With Colleagues Posing As Customers

Body Cam Shows Cops Lose It During Raid and Try Kill Each Other (Audio)

Australian diplomat Julian Simpson falls to his death from Manhattan balcony (Audio)

US military truck crash kills elderly civilian in Okinawa, Japan; driver showed level of alcohol 3 times above legal limit

Japanese boat crashes into US Navy destroyer, making it the 5th such incident involving Pacific Fleet this year

Navy Destroyer Collides With Japanese Tug Boat (Audio)

#KeystonePipeline Leaks Again

#Keystone Pipeline vote #November20 comes in wake of leak (Audio)

Update: Nebraska Regulators Approve Alternative Route for Keystone XL Pipeline

Corruption trial of U.S. Senator Menendez ends in mistrial

Mexico: Cocaine found in apparent Social Security truck

Flashback: Ry Cooder’s trip to Cuba (Feb. 6, 2001)

Pet Attack Dog: US Donates Millions to Aid Duterte Drug War Atrocities

Behind #Mugabe’s "Rapid Fall" From #Zimbabwe - A Firing, a Feud and a First Lady

Saudi 'Corruption' Probe Widens: Dozens Of Military Officials Arrested

Riyadh 'fuels terrorists, wages war' while Tehran works on regional peace process

Mossad used Bosnian passports to kill drone expert

US troops taught sexual abuse was 'culturally accepted practice' in Afghanistan

Troop Surge in Afghanistan Completed; 14,000 Now on Ground

US general says nuclear launch order can be refused

Ex-General: Nuclear Launch Order Can be Refused (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #November20 w/Famed music producer #PhilSpector's 2003 indictment for the murder of actress (Audio)

+ '#Fidelio' opens, #NurembergTrials begin, WV's #FarmingtonMine disaster, #MyLai pics published, #AlcatrazOccupation, '#SignOTheTimes' open, "#FreeAsABird" drops, #MichaelJackson arrested

Flashback: New al-CIA-duh Created to Fight Old al-CIA-duh (Nov. 20, 2007)

Flashback: Feds ‘Lost Track’ of Hundreds of Viruses & Microbes (Nov. 20, 2007)

Flashback: Doomsday Cult Refuses To Leave Underground Bunker (Nov. 20, 2007)

Flashback: Blackwater’s New Weapon - Laser Dazzlers (Nov. 20, 2007)

Flashback: Trent Reznor’s Warning (Nov. 20, 2007)

+ #RobertByrd, #JimGarrison, #RFKBDay, #DonDeLilllo, #CreepyJoeBiden, #SuperDave, #DuaneAllman, #BoDerek, #SeanYoung, @BeastieBoys' #MikeD, @ATCQ's #PhifeDawg birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: METZ - "Cellophane" (Audio)

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