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#MorningMonarchy: November 29, 2017

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Fast food nihilism, CRISPR kits and dead head transplants + this day in history w/the murder of Natalie Wood and our song of the day by Ty Segall on your Morning Monarchy for November 29, 2017.


Did you see him? Bill Murray spotted shopping, getting a fresh cut in downtown Portland

Think Oregonians are generous? We are, according to a survey by @wallethub , the 14th most charitable state

How Ocean Spray’s canned cranberry sauce found its way onto so many holiday tables

Arby's restaurant owner to buy Buffalo Wild Wings for $2.4 billion

Buffalo Wild Wings to be acquired by #Arbys in proposed deal (Audio)

.@Arbys is set to aquire Buffalo Wild Wings - what will happen to the @BWWings PAC, which has already begun spending this cycle...

Unilever strikes deal for ethnic beauty product maker Sundial Brands

.@SundialBrands' famous last words on their #sellout to @Unilever: "The products are not gonna change and we're not selling out." (Audio)

Researchers Publish Bombshell Report That Suggests Sugar Industry Conspiracy

Evidence Shows Sugar Industry Suppressed Info About Link Between Sugar And Cancer (Audio)

Coca-Cola to launch stevia-sweetened soda in 2018

Pabst could lift some spirits with move from beer into bourbon

Cannabis-Infused Dining Coming To Chicago

Inside Paraguay's illegal cannabis plantations

Puerto Rico utility head resigns after slow Hurricane Maria response

#PuertoRico Utility Head Resigns (Audio)

Romania is Suing a Shepherd who Refuses to Destroy Sheepfold he Built near US Military Base

Indonesian authorities extend the closure of the int'l Ngurah Rai airport on the resort island of Bali for a second day over fears of a volcanic eruption

Japan wants to push a million tons of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean

France’s Macron vows to ban glyphosate weed killer, as Germany swings EU vote in its favor

France banned all plastic plates, cups and utensils

When industrial fertilizer replaced dung heaps, it led to a dog-poo environmental tragedy

Mail-Order CRISPR Kits Allow Absolutely Anyone to Hack DNA

Disneyland Legionnaire’s outbreak infects 15 (Audio)

Vomit machine reaffirms need for deep clean after noro ‘event’

3,810 U.S. areas with lead poisoning double Flint's

Broken heart can be as damaging as cardiac arrest

Renowned Harvard Psychologist Says ADHD is Largely a Fraud

#MassageEnvy therapists accused of 180 sexual assaults

TheRapists at @MassageEnvy accused of sexual assault by more than 180 women (Audio)

Company fires about 50 workers for refusing to get flu shot

.@EssentiaHealth fires 50 employees for not getting the #flushot (Audio)

Vaccine Co. Funded by PayPal Owner Caught Illegally Injecting People at Hotels with Herpes Virus

@PeterThiel Is Funding An Offshore Herpes #Vaccine Trial (Audio)

VA study shows parasite from Vietnam may be killing veterans

#VietnamVet-s test positive for waterborne parasite (Audio)

World's first human head transplant a success, controversial scientist claims

World’s First Human #HeadTransplant Was A Success (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #November29 w/the accidental murder of #NatalieWood in 1981 (Audio)

+ #WhitmanMassacre, #SandCreekMassacre, Edison demos #phonograph, #PartitionPlan, #RobertMcNamara resigns, #Pong released, @Metallica's 1st headlining show, #ConradMurray sentenced

Flashback: Naomi Wolf Says US Fascist Coup Owes Legacy to Bush (Nov. 29, 2007)

Flashback: Alleged Nazi Guard Appeals Deportation (Nov. 29, 2007)

Flashback: Vast Nazi Archive Opens to Public (Nov. 29, 2007)

Flashback: GOP Rivals Tussle Over Immigration, The Word & Hitler (Nov. 29, 2007)

+ #BusbyBerkeley, #CSLewis, #BillyStrayhorn, #JohnMayall, #ChuckMangione, #RonnieMontrose, #JanetNapolitano, #RahmEmanuel, #AndrewMcCarthy, #DonCheadle birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Ty Segall - "My Lady's on Fire" (audio)

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