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#MorningMonarchy: November 30, 2017

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Manson remains, reconstructing Mithras and open investigations + this day in history w/the death of Paul Walker and our song of the day by No Age on your Morning Monarchy for November 30, 2017.


Charlie Manson died 11/19/2017. He was born Charles Miles Maddox 83 years ago on 11/12/1934

Notorious cult leader #CharlesManson dead at 83 (Audio)

Charles Manson, Convicted Killer and 1960s Cult Leader, Dies

Slaughter in suburbia: How Charles Manson altered America’s psyche

Local woman remembers encounter with Charles Manson (Audio)

How Charles Manson Nearly Made It in Hollywood

Battle erupts over control of Charles Manson’s remains, estate

#CharlesManson's Grandson Hopes To Take Custody Of Remains (Audio)

Charles Manson 'Family' struggling to get out of prison as cult leader dies

Charles Manson and Scientology: What the church doesn’t want you to know

Recently released #FBI files show L. Ron Hubbard offering to inform on his own organization - even offering the Bureau with a list of all its members and copies of their fingerprints.

Queen Elizabeth and husband Philip celebrate 70 years of marriage, quietly

Jewish family’s adopted son accused of scrawling Hitler slur on Chabad school

'Nazi Grandma' loses appeal case, sentenced to 14 months in prison for Holocaust denial

ISIS Releases Image of 'Beheaded' Pope Francis

Bosnian-Croat war crimes convict dies after taking 'poison' in court

"I reject your verdict with scorn.": War Criminal #SlobodanPraljak Dies After Drinking 'Poison' In Court After Judge Confirmed 20-Year Sentence (Audio)

Nevada wants to use untried execution drugs that pose risks

Selling death: Australia seeks to reinvent cemeteries as unexplored, lush, green spaces in the heart of crowded cities. They hope to challenge the taboos surrounding death while breathing new life into the usually sombre grounds.

Exorcists on call to raise French spirits amid surge in private treatment for demonic possession

10-year-old girl tries to kill by crashing truck into home

Tampa police: Suspect in 4 slayings used same gun

Co-worker's tip led to arrest of Tampa serial killer suspect (Audio)

A fourth survivor of the Las Vegas shooting massacre has tragically died from unrelated causes

#RoyMcClellan, Survivor Of #LasVegasShooting, Killed In Hit-And-Run (Audio)

Gunman open fires from Reno condo where Stephen Paddock lived

Georgia nurses laugh as WW2 veteran dies in video

Hidden camera tells true story of how veteran #JamesDempsey died in nursing home (Audio)

#KimJongNam’s underwear soiled, pupils contracted

Possible #NorthKorea defectors may be occupants of skeleton-filled ghost ship found on #Japan coast

Three Roman-Era Shipwrecks Found Off Egyptian Coast 🚢 🇪🇬

Reconstructed Roman Temple of Mithras opens to public in London

Mothman Math: Dates, Disasters, and Deaths

Uzbekistan incident raises suspicions of Russian involvement in Cuba attacks

Americans arrested after baring butts at Bangkok Buddhist temple

The Confessions of Rev. Nicolas Stacey: "Men Who Are Attracted to 13-Year-Old Boys Make the Best Teachers"

Larry Nassar, a sports doctor at USA Gymnastics, pleaded guilty Wednesday to charges that he molested girls who sought treatment for injuries.

‘You have no idea of damage he caused’: Colorado child sex trafficker gets record 472-year sentence

An 83-year-old psychologist charged with sexually assaulting a longtime patient at his home office in Connecticut.

More Than 20K Alleged Sex Assaults at Military Bases Over 4 Years: DoD

Former Secret Service Agent Threatens To Reveal Details About Bill Clinton And Epstein's "Lolita Express"

Mark Twain’s Disturbing Passion for Collecting Young Girls

#GlennThrush, @NYTimes Reporter, Accused of Sexual Misconduct by Four Women

Garrison Keillor Fired Over Alleged Improper Behavior

#CoreyFeldman TRUTH Campaign Video 2 (Audio)

Weinstein sued for alleged 'sex trafficking' in Cannes

#HarveyWeinstein Is Being Sued Under Sex Trafficking Law (Audio)

LAPD Has 28 Open Sex Crimes Investigations Of Hollywood And Media

Matt Lauer had a button under his desk so he could lock the door to his office after inviting women in to make inappropriate advances on them, according to Variety. That's super-villain-level creepy.

Geraldo Rivera Comments On Matt Lauer "News is a flirty business" And The Internet Reminds Him Of A Previous Drugging And Groping Allegation Made Against Him By Bette Midler (Audio)

What happened to Joe Scarborough's intern, found dead in his office❓ 🤔

#NewWorldNextWeek: Billionaire Bilderberger Busted Building Bioweapons

#ThisDayInHistory: #November30 w/the death of '#FastAndFurious' star #PaulWalker in a high-speed crash in 2013 (Audio)

+ #CrystalPalace fire, the #AnnHodges meteorite, '#UnsafeAtAnySpeed' published, "#EverydayPeople" released, #Thriller35, #DesertStorm ends, #WTO protests, @KenJennings winning streak ends

Flashback: US Author to Unveil Washington’s Masonic Past (Nov. 30, 2007)

Flashback: Giuliani Did Business With Sheikh Tied to 9/11 Plot (Nov. 30, 2007)

+ #JonathanSwift, #MarkTwain, #WinstonChurchill, #BillGates Sr., #DickClark, #GGordonLiddy, #AbbieHoffman, #RidleyScott, #DavidMamet, #LawrenceSummers birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: No Age – "Soft Collar Fad" (Audio)

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