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#MorningMonarchy: December 4, 2017

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Guilty pleas, watch the throne and penis-free politicians + this day in history w/Poppy Bush invades Somalia and our song of the day by Ron Gallo on your Morning Monarchy for December 4, 2017.


CIA admits to funding and manipulating of the US news media (Audio)

Who’s behind ABC’s fake news about Flynn? Brian Ross’s journalistic blunders

ABC Suspends #BrianRoss Over Fake #Flynn Story (Audio)

How Flynn's guilty plea centres around Egypt's UN resolution on Israeli settlements

What #Flynn's Plea Means for #Kushner (Audio)

White House “contender” Kamala Harris stays silent on Israel’s crimes

Benghazi Suspect Cleared on Murder, Found Guilty on Terror Charges

#Benghazi attack: Ahmed Abu #Khattallah found not guilty of murder (Audio)

Father of murder victim detonates grenades in #Ukraine court, killing himself and suspected killer

Man Detonates Grenades Inside #Ukrainian Courtroom (Audio)

Turkish gold trader implicates Erdogan in Iran money laundering

#Turkey seizes assets of trader who implicated Erdogan in corruption case (Audio)

Net immigration drops by 100,000 in year after Brexit vote

Let’s not forget – Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are actually (very distant) cousins

#HarryandMeghan are related (Audio)

Japan's Emperor Akihito to abdicate on April 30, 2019

Japan's Emperor #Akihito to abdicate in 2019 (Audio)

How Kim Jong Un is using TV dramas to change North Korea

Action star Seagal rallies troops for Philippines' Duterte

Action star #StevenSeagal rallies troops for #Philippines' #Duterte against #ISIS (Audio)

Trump administration allegedly considering plan to privatize CIA operations

Baltimore Police Now Blocking FBI from Investigating Murder of Cop Set to Testify Against Fellow Cops

San Francisco defends sanctuary status as backlash mounts

The new Clinton-Lynch docs – showing the FBI more concerned about containing leaks than about the scandalous tarmac meeting – confirm the urgent need to reopen the Clinton email scandal & criminally investigate the Obama FBI/DOJ’s sham investigation.

Conyers defiant as Democratic leaders call on him to resign

Penis-free Detroit politician touts her lack of penis in campaign ad (Audio)

Justice Dept. sues to stop AT&T's $85B Time Warner deal

#ThisDayInHistory: #December4 w/#DavidCopafeel, aka President #GeorgeHWBush, invades #Somalia for "humanitarian reasons" in 1992 (Audio)

+ @TheObserver/@LATimes first published, Senate approves US participation in @UN, #FredHampton murdered by @Chicago_Police, #TerryAnderson released, #UnityModule launched, #Jena6 attack

Flashback: Ron Paul On ‘The View’ (Dec. 4, 2007)

Flashback: Interpol Unleashes 'Black Death’ Bioterror Exercise (Dec. 4, 2007)

Flashback: Ex-Italian President Says 9/11 Inside Job (Dec. 4, 2007)

Flashback: Banksy Leaves His Mark On Holy Land (Dec. 4, 2007)

Flashback: Estimate Says Iran Nuke Program Stopped in 2003 // ‘Doomsday Seed Vault’ in the Arctic // Grocery Chain Bans High-Fructose Corn Syrup // Doctor Narrows Definition of 9/11 Death // Sarkozy to Algeria Under Cloud of ‘Jewish Lobby’ Row (Dec. 4, 2007)

+ #FranciscoFranco, #AlexNorth, #DeannaDurbin, @WinkMartindale, #GaryGilmore, #DennisWilson, @AsburyJukes, #JeffBridges, #FredArmisen, #JayZ, #TyraBanks birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Ron Gallo - "Sorry Not Everybody Is You" (Audio)

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