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#MorningMonarchy: December 6, 2017

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Generic drugs, monumental decisions and zombie butterflies + this day in history w/the Halifax explosion and our song of the day by The James Hunter Six on your Morning Monarchy for December 6, 2017.


Top Portland Mexican restaurant loses chef over apparent immigration issue, may be closing

'Bacon unawaken:' Man finds the only worker at an empty Waffle House asleep, so he gets behind the grill and prepares a double Texas bacon cheese steak melt.

American drugstore chain #CVS acquires health insurer #Aetna for US$69B (Audio)

#CVS to buy insurance giant #Aetna (Audio)

Nestle to buy vitamin maker Atrium Innovations for $2.3 billion

Nestle, Stada prepare rival bids for Germany's Merck consumer health: sources

Amazon is reportedly talking to generic drug companies

Independent stores are losing the battle against chain operators, study says

USDA’s organic enforcement efforts find fraudulent certificates

Mars takes a stake in snack maker Kind, signaling just how desperate big food makers are to thrive in an industry where startups are winning

Does #Marijuana Legalization Hurt Alcohol Sales?

Supreme Court take up dispute over Colorado baker who refused to make wedding cake for same-sex couple

#MasterpieceCakeshop case goes before #SCOTUS (Audio)

Justices Sharply Divided In #MasterpieceCakeshop Wedding Cake Case

Eating Meat Perpetuates "Hegemonic Masculinity", Professor Says

Australia’s Festival Of The Sun (@fotsun) offers free VIP access if you let them piss test you for chlamydia

In May of 2018, there will be a tabletop exercise on how to handle a pandemic mysteriously named, Clade X

US collecting DNA from #Russia - digging deeper into the very real danger of ethnic bioweapons

Suspended dengue vaccine was given to 730,000 children, Philippines says

Popular blood pressure medicine #hydrochlorothiazide linked with increased risk of skin cancer

#Hydrochlorothiazide For High Blood Pressure and Fluid Retention (Audio)

General Mills cuts artificial flavors and colors from its baking products

Disney, AIG head into arbitration on ABC’s settlement with BPI

A cruise ship's emissions are the same as 1 million cars

Trump shrinks Bear's Ears monument in Utah in historic decision

Trump downsizes #BearsEars and #GrandStaircase national monuments (Audio)

How a Big Win for Native American Water Rights Could Impact the West

‘Zombie butterflies’ continue to mystify guests at California butterfly sanctuary

'#ZombieButterflies' found in #PacificGrove (Audio)

Italian ham company to fund restoration of Naples catacombs fresco

Chic-Fil-A Rap: Jaron Myers - "#MyPleasure" (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #December6 w/munitions explosion near #Halifax, #NovaScotia kills more than 1,900 people in 1917 (Audio)

+ #WashingtonComPost first published, #WashingtonMonument completed, #Monongah explosion in #WestVirginia, @RollingStones' #Altamount murder, #Metallica makes "One" video, #MontrealMassacre

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+ #IraGershwin, #DaveBrubeck, #RickBuckler, #PeterBuck, #RandyRhoads, #DavidLovering, #StevenDrozd birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: The James Hunter Six - "I Don't Wanna Be Without You" (Audio)

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