#PumpUpThaVolume: September 10, 2018

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#PumpUpThaVolume: September 10, 2018Media Monarchy DJ's live every weekday from 12-1pm PT on MediaMonarchy.com/Listen. Today we played:

Aerosmith - "Bright Light Fright"
We Were Promised Jetpacks - "Repeating Patterns"
Razorlight - "Japanrock"
Get Married - "Adam West"
David Nance Group - "Poison"
Michael Parrett - "Checkbook Charlie"
K. Michelle Dubois - "Wild Weed"
Pink Fairies - "Lone Wolf"
Public Practice - "Fate/Glory"
The Fox Sisters - "Busy Bee"
The Primitive Finks - "Mash Potato Party" (Link Wray Cover)
The Swagger - "Heart N' Soul"
Sudakistan - "Last Love Supreme"
Spesh - "Candy Legs"
Vaureen - "Stare Into The Sun"
Whitney Ballen - "Fucking"