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#MorningMonarchy: January 9, 2018

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#MorningMonarchy: January 9, 2018Older phones, skull-shaped asteroids and gaming disorders + this day in history w/the sentencing of the Hillside Stranglers and our song of the day by Tricky on your Morning Monarchy for January 9, 2018.


#Facebook's political repression on behalf the Israeli occupation is now explicitly clear for all to see. #Israeli justice minister boasts that Facebook deleted 95 percent of the Facebook content the Israelis considered "incitement" and demanded be deleted.

Is Facebook Operating as an Arm of the Israeli State? (Audio)

China's tech money heads for Israel as U.S. welcome wanes

#Winning: Facebook ditches “fake news” flag after discovering people are MORE likely to believe something that’s been called fake by the dinosaur #FakeNews MSM

Facebook made fake news worse by flagging it (Audio)

Old need not apply: Companies sued for age discrimination in Facebook ads

Apple apologizes for ‘misunderstanding’ over slowing down older iPhones

Apple confirmed a conspiracy theory and gave regular customers a big reason to distrust it

Apple slows down older iPhones, faces lawsuit (Audio)

Why Is Alphabet CEO Eric Schmidt Technically Serving In The Department Of Defense?

Flashback: Ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt To Give Pentagon Tech Support (Mar. 2, 2016) (Audio)

Will the next #UFO disclosure be “biological threats from outer space?”

'BrainDead' episode 2 previously song (Audio)

#DeepFocus: Statists Are Comically 'BrainDead'

Navy sailor hid on ship for week; Claimed space travel, fireball shooting

Incredibly creepy skull-shaped asteroid is going to cruise by Earth in Nov 2018

Head of major cryptocurrency exchange kidnapped in Ukraine

CEO of Cryptocurrency Exchange Kidnapped and Ransomed (Audio)

Intel CEO's massive stock dump raises eyebrows

Computer chip flaws impact billions of devices (Audio)

Intel was aware of chip vulnerability when its CEO sold off $24 million in company stock

World Health Organization will recognize "gaming disorder" in 2018 on list of illnesses

World Health Organization Says #GamingDisorder on Illness List (Audio)

"#GamingDisorder" Is An Actual Disease, World Health Organization Says

#ThisDayInHistory: #January9 w/both #HillsideStrangler killers sentenced in 1984 (Audio)

+ #FortTejon earthquake, #Mississippi secedes, "Music for #UNICEF concert", @OfficialSting on #TheSimpsons, first #iPhone

Flashback: Unsolved Mysteries - Danny Casolaro (Jan. 9, 2008)

Flashback: No One Spared In ‘Simpsons’ Campaign Parody (Jan. 9, 2008)

Flashback: Morrissey Wants to Perform In Iran (Jan. 9, 2008)

Flashback: Biosensors, Whistleblowers & Plunge Protection Team (Jan. 9, 2008)

Flashback: Stakes Is High With Bush In the Middle East (Jan. 9, 2008)

+ #AlDowning, #JoanBaez, #ScottWalker, #JimmyPage, #BillCowsill, #DavidJohansen, #CrystalGayle, #EricErlandson, #Haddaway, #DaveMatthews, #SeanPaul birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Tricky - "New Stole" (w/Francesca Belmonte) (Audio)

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