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#MorningMonarchy: January 16, 2018

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#MorningMonarchy: January 16, 2018Moby's CIA friends, Seinfeld's Zionist pals and Mnuchin's bad people + this day in history w/Carole Lombard's plane crash and our song of the day by Knox Fortune on your Morning Monarchy for January 16, 2018.


Hawaiians receive emergency text warning of ballistic missile threat but officials later say it was a mistake

False Alarm In #Hawaii Triggers Panic: How Did This Happen? (Audio)

Children Placed Down Shitholes During Hawaii Ballistic Missile Warning

On this day in history Jan. 13 -17, 1893 US coup on Hawaiian monarchy.

Japanese broadcaster NHK "deeply” apologizes after mistakenly warning of an incoming missile from North Korea

Sexchange for freedom package clause b activated: Chelsea Manning running for Senate

#ChelseaManning releases campaign ad for US Senate run (Audio)

Moby's "CIA Friends" Asked Him To Spread Word Of Trump-Russia Collusion On Facebook

Moby (@TheLittleIdiot) says '@CIA friends' asked him to promote Trump-Russia stories (Audio)

Right on time: Moby's new single coincides with CIA hype

Feinstein Makes Startling Admission: "I Got Pressured" To Release Fusion Transcripts

'Not funny': Jerry Seinfeld visits 'counter-terror' camp

#Seinfeld Called Out For Joke About "#Bombing" (Audio)

Mexican Interior Minister Resigns Amid Soaring Murders; US Warns "Do Not Travel" To Mexico

Julian Assange ‘granted Ecuadorian ID’ required for passport, citizenship

#Ecuador confirms its granted citizenship to WikiLeaks founder Julian #Assange (Audio)

Bundy insists US can't own land, no matter who's president

Judge Drops #BundyRanch Case Over Prosecutorial Misconduct (Audio)

Uber's electric flying taxi by Bell Helicopter debuts at CES

Bell Helicopter CIA

Google Earth Spots Mysterious "Hypersonic Aircraft" In Florida

GM says it’s mass-producing cars without steering wheels

GM to launch autonomous car without steering wheel or pedals (Audio)

In other news: Ford's Self-Driving Test Car Severely Damaged In Crash

Hundreds of smartphone apps are monitoring users through their microphones

Mnuchin: "We Want To Make Sure Bad People Can't Use Bitcoin To Do Bad Things"

U.S. Marshals Will Auction $52 Million of Bitcoin Seized Through Asset Forfeiture

US Marshals Service To Auction Seized Bitcoins (Audio)

SpaceX says rocket performance OK in secret satellite launch

Secret US govt satellite launched on #SpaceX reportedly missing (Audio)

Test Shot Starfish band makes songs for SpaceX launches?

Flat-Earther rocket launch gets new lift off date after US govt delay

#ThisDayInHistory: #January16 w/TWA Flight 3 crashes while on a US War Bonds mission, killing all 22 aboard, including film star #CaroleLombard in 1942 (Audio)

+ #DonQuixote published, 1st #LeagueOfNations meeting, Hitler moves to #Führerbunker, #JohnLennon's art show closed over porn allegations, #BeastieBoys censored on Bandstand, Jamaica shoots at Bono

Flashback: Lawyers face off at start of Snipes tax fraud case // Diane Keaton swears on TV & the FCC stammers // ‘American Gangster’ slapped by Feds’ lawsuit // AP wants to know everything about Britney (Jan. 16, 2008)

Flashback: Ex-Lawmaker Charged in Terror Conspiracy (Jan. 16, 2008)

Flashback: Dix Tricks, Urban Panic, Nuke Breach & Homeschool Security (Jan. 16, 2008)

Flashback: White House ‘Reused E-mail Tapes’ (Jan. 16, 2008)

+ #EthelMerman, #RonnieMilsap, #JohnCarpenter, #DebbieAllen, #Sade, Stevie Jackson of @BellesGlasgow, #Aaliyah birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Knox Fortune - "I Don't Wanna Talk About It" (Audio)

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