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#MorningMonarchy: February 15, 2018

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#MorningMonarchy: February 15, 2018Olympics misconduct, presidential paintings and exploiting tragedy + this day in history w/the attempted assassination of FDR and our song of the day by Suicidal Tendencies on your Morning Monarchy for February 15, 2018.


#Olympics Roundup - Shaun White wins historic third Olympic gold in men’s halfpipe, calls sexual misconduct suit "gossip"

Shaun White Apologizes For Comments On Sexual Misconduct Lawsuit (Audio)

"I get so tired of pink": female chocolatiers turn to death for Valentine's day

Shooter was known wolf, identified as a threat last year, made to leave campus. Ex-member of Army Jr. Reserve Officers Training Core

19-year-old #NikolasCruz arrested off campus in deadly Florida school shooting (Audio)

YouTube user ‘Nikolas Cruz’ – the name of the shooter who killed 17 people in a Florida high school – posted a comment under a documentary on 1966 mass shooting, saying he wanted to do the same

Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting

Nikolas Cruz wearing a "Communist Party!" t-shirt and KMFDM hat

Dead Male Prostitute, Piles Of Meth Found In Clinton Mega-Donor Ed Buck's Home -- No Arrests

#GemmelMoore's Suspicious 2017 Death At Wealthy Democrat Donor's House Being Investigated (Audio)

Black Lives Matter Activist Assassinated

North Carolina minister with a violent past is being tried on charges that he wounded an ex-girlfriend and killed her new boyfriend with close-range gunshots.

Nickell 3:33: 5 Dead in Kentucky

Planters yield remains of six in serial killer probe of Toronto landscaper, more victims expected

Death of man who ran into Burning Man flames ruled suicide

Rose McGowan’s Former Manager Dies By Suicide At 50

Nothing to see here: Producer #JillMessick, #RoseMcGowan’s Former Manager, Dies By Suicide At 50

Bill Paxton family sues hospital, doctor for wrongful death

‘Charles in Charge’ Actor Alexander Polinsky Has Accused Scott Baio Of Sexual Harassment And Abuse

Tea Party Leader and Trump Campaign Chairman Pleads Guilty to Prostituting Kids, plus Other Crimes

Trump campaign co-chair gets 20 years for sexual abuse and trafficking teens

Portland Public Schools (@PPSConnect) admits retaliation against teacher who spoke out on sexual misconduct, will pay for lost wages

Ed Crane, a founder of The Cato Institute, a major beltway think tank has been accused of sexual harassment by three former employees

#FactCheck: Did @BarackObama's Portraitist Paint an Image of a Black Woman Holding the Severed Head of a White Person?

#ObamaPortraits Unveiled at Smithsonian Museum (Audio)

Rwanda's media watchdog orders a US-owned Christian radio station shut for three months after a 'vile' sermon against women

Maryland 'Psychic' Convicted of Scamming Clients Out of $340K

How Scientology gamed Google to increase the effectiveness of its Super Bowl ad

Investigators say famed hijacker D.B. Cooper had CIA ties

#DBCooper Washington DC Press Conference // Clues Point to Former #Stockton Resident as Parachuting Skyjacker D.B. Cooper (Audio)

Donations surpass $450,000 to 13 siblings in California torture case

Dog caught riding neighbour's one-eyed pony in the middle of the night

#KimCattrall rejects Sarah Jessica Parker’s condolences, “Stop exploiting our tragedy”

#ThisDayInHistory: #February15 w/"deranged, unemployed" loner #GiuseppeZangara shouts "Too many people are starving!" and fires a gun at America’s president-elect, #FDR in 1933 (Audio)

+ #USSMaine explodes, #DukeEllington records "Take The A Train", #ENIAC dedicated, #NatKingCole dies of lung cancer, #JeffreyDahmer sentenced, #IraqWar protests, #Chelyabinsk meteor

Flashback: Sander Hicks, ‘Big Wedding’ Author, In Portland (Feb 15, 2008)

+ #Galileo, #SusanBAnthony, #CesarRomero, #HaleBoggs, #KevinMcCarthy, #HankLocklin, #HarveyKorman, #ArtSpiegelman, #MattGroening, #ChrisFarley, @Miranda_July, @ConorOberst birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Suicidal Tendencies - "Nothing To Lose" (Audio)

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