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#MorningMonarchy: February 16, 2018

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#MorningMonarchy: February 16, 2018Olympics comments, panther power and creepy crawling + this day in history w/the DC Amtrak/MARC train collision and our song of the day by Sloan on your Morning Monarchy for February 16, 2018.


Katie Couric Apologizes to Netherlands for Olympic Comment (Audio)

Bode Miller Apologizes for On-Air Comments About Female Skier's Marriage (audio)

Kanye West Settles $10 Million ‘#SaintPablo’ Tour Lawsuit

Jimmy Kimmel Targeted by Street Artist Over Sunset Boulevard Car Wreck

New York judge issues landmark ruling that graffiti art should be protected by US federal law

Finally! Disney's pandering to black people! It's totally different this time! #BlackPanther isn't corporate steam valve bullshit at all!! Give your remaining fiat dollars to Regal! You are free! To do as they say!! You are free!!


Parents are calling for a 'Peter Rabbit' boycott because of this offensive scene

'#PeterRabbit' Allergy Scene Slammed (Audio)

#NormalizeCannibalism: Henry Rollins Returning for 'He Never Dies 2'

Metallica's James Hetfield to Make Acting Debut in Ted Bundy Biopic

Johann Johannsson, Visionary Composer Behind 'Sicario,' Dies at 48

#JohannJohannsson found dead (Audio)

So sad about this. I was lucky to have spent a few hours with him during an interview. I liked him very much. My deep sympathies to his family and friends.

Mark E Smith's family disclose cause of death

The Fall’s Mark E. Smith’s Cause of Death Revealed

Comedian Marty Allen dies in Las Vegas at 95

Comedian #MartyAllen Dies In Las Vegas At 95 (Audio)

Legendary singer Vic Damone dies at age 89

Golden Era Crooner #VicDamone Dies At 89 (Audio)

'On the Street Where You Live' Crooner Vic Damone Dies at 89

1949 Television: Vic Damone sings "So In Love"

FBI files offer a previously-unseen look into the bizarre case of an experimental band's dispute with Casey Kasem over a track of him swearing

Mailbox Mystery: 49 years later, magazines delivered to resident

#BookSmarts: Latest cringeworthy call for more violence vs. violence by another fake left johnny-come-lately with a new book deal who was doing standup about tree-fucking while previous puppet president was adding five wars to Bush’s two, but NOW shit’s serious 🙄📚

Spent the weekend at a "punk" archiving conference focusing on marginalized ppl. It was 99% white. Academics fighting against a system of oppression they created and feed in to. #EatingThemselves

#BookSmarts: ‘Creepy Crawling: The Many Lives of Charles Manson and America's Most Infamous Family’ by Jeffrey Melnick (@melnickjeffrey1) (@ArcadePub, 2018) 📚

Comics Retailers Hope To Rebound in 2018

#NewMusicFriday: #BelleAndSebastian collect EP's, @Superchunk get inspired by Jasper & @CarSeatHeadrest get bigger; #LaurieAnderson meets @KronosQuartet, @MarlonWMusic gets sad & @YousGirls go SJW + @InternetOught, @BornRuffians, @SatansSatyrs

#ThisDayInHistory: #February16 w/A Chicago-bound #Amtrak train, the #CapitolLimited, collides with a MARC commuter train bound for Washington, D.C., killing 11 people in 1996 (Audio)

+ #KingTut's tomb opened, #Prohibition ends, #FidelCastro becomes premier, #Hezbollah founded, #IkeTurner goes to jail, #OlDirtyBastard arrested, #BritneySpears shaves her head

#Flashback: Shooter did time in mental health facility // Russia says US spy sat shot is ‘a cover’ // Newborn dies while in custody of homeland stupidity // Anti al-Qaeda Iraqis quit US army // Buffet sees healthy future in drugs firms // blackwater schooling taiwan’s secret police // Protests over Beijing Games ‘will grow’ // US Navy Sonar vs Whales (Feb. 16, 2008)

+ #EdgarBergen, #SonnyBono, #KimJongIl, #WilliamKatt, #LavarBurton, #IceT, #JohnMcEnroe, #AndyTaylor, #DaveLombardo, #WarrenEllis, @LupeFiasco, #ElizabethOlsen, #TheWeeknd birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Sloan - "Spin Our Wheels" (Audio)

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