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#MorningMonarchy: February 23, 2018

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#MorningMonarchy: February 23, 2018Bunker mentality, children's crusade and 'Telecommunication Breakdown' + this day in history w/the Baltimore Plot and your song of the day w/Muse on your Morning Monarchy for February 23, 2018.


A week ago, Congress wanted Tide to change their Pod designs so teenagers would stop eating them...

#ArchieBunker's Editorial on #GunControl (Audio)

"The Children's Crusade"

Do you want bitcoin mass adoption via rednecks?

Shooting Survivor: CNN Gave Me "Scripted Question" After Denying Question About Armed Guards

Behold A Pale Horse by Milton William Cooper skyrockets to the top 17th CURRENT bestselling book

#WilliamCooper on the Importance of the #2ndAmendment (Audio)

How NBC Flubbed Its Coverage, Reported Wrong Gold Medalist, Then Botched Correction

Fergie's National Anthem Attempt Slammed As The 'Worst Rendition Ever'

Fergie's national anthem draws criticism (Audio)

President #Trump Can Send Unblockable Text Messages to the Entire Nation

Three billboards in Ireland mark Martin McDonagh's BAFTA win

David Bowie's kid Duncan has a new Netflix Original called 'Mute' (Audio)

Meryl Streep Slams Harvey Weinstein for Naming Her in Lawsuit

California law that blocked posting actors' ages struck down

R. Kelly Has Been Evicted From His Alleged "Sex Cult" Mansion

#JanelleMonáe claims, "You don't own or control me" … However, @JanelleMonae's endless shilling for the corporate overlords at @Pepsi, @CoverGirl, @Google, @Sonos, @Gap & @Target tell another story...

Kendrick Lamar & SZA Sued Over 'All The Stars' Video

Some Pretty Aware Tweets From Sean Ono Lennon

'SNL' alum Quinn recovering from heart attack with humor

While My Les Paul Gently Weeps: Iconic Gibson Guitars Going Bankrupt

#AlbumAnalysis: Emergency Broadcast Network - 'Telecommunication Breakdown' (TVT Records, 1995)

Emergency Broadcast Network (#EBN) Interview (Audio)

#NewWorldNextWeek: Sheriff Wants Power to Detain Over Social Media Posts

Happy 50th birthday to Molly Ringwald. Here’s Molly and co-star Anthony Michael Hall record shopping during the filming of "The Breakfast Club" (1984)

Soft Cell to play ‘one night only’ concert performance + box set on the way

Buying amazing records while contributing with different animal non-profit organizations? We know it sounds like heaven, but Matt Caulder of Handsome Zack's Records makes it possible here and now

#NewMusicFriday: Tons of indie music from the likes of #MatthewShipp, @TheLowAnthem, #BertJansch, Skull Defekts (@HenrikRylander), @SCareyMusic, @GrantLeeTweets, @HollyMiranda, @TheRezillos, @TotallyMild and more

#ThisDayInHistory: #February23 w/President-elect #AbrahamLincoln arrives secretly in Washington, D.C., after the thwarting of an alleged assassination plot in #Baltimore, Maryland in 1861 (Audio)

+ #CatoStreet Conspiracy, #EmileZola jailed, Cuba leases #GuantanamoBay to US "in perpetuity", #IwoJima photo op, B-2 crashes on #Guam, #Lambro disaster

Flashback: Cloud seeding controversy // norway’s biggest quake ever // Stealth B2 bomber crashes in Guam // France, UAE & Qatar begin war games // UK govt wants personal details of every traveller (Feb. 23, 2008)

Flashback: Dallas cop killed while escorting Hillary // TIA passenger had boxcutter in hollowed-out book // US & Canada agree to use each other’s troops // 4,000 UK company directors are listed as global terror suspects & fraudsters // ex-congressman says US government created al-Qaeda & was involved in 9/11 (Feb. 23, 2008)

+ #SamuelPepys, #WEBDuBois, #VictorFleming, #PaulMorrissey, #PeterFonda, #JohnnyWinter, #BradWhitford, #HowardJones, @ChrisVrenna, @SECupp, #AzizAnsari birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Muse - "Thought Contagion" (Audio)

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