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#MorningMonarchy: April 24, 2018

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#MorningMonarchy: April 24, 2018Remote mind control, facial recognition tests and space miner trillionaires + this day in history w/Hubble Space Telescope launch and our song of the day by Girl Talk on your Morning Monarchy for April 24, 2018.


'Peaceful new beginning': South Korea turns off speakers broadcasting propaganda across the border to #NorthKorea

South Korea turns off propaganda speakers on North Korean border (Audio)

This was the story that broke on the internet about "Mysterious Mind control documents." They were prepared by Elanor White for Ron Patton's MK Zine -- Published in 2005

Remote Mind Control: Documents Accidentally Leaked (Audio)

Arnav Kapur, a student in MIT’s Media Lab, has developed a system to surf the internet with his mind. He silently Googled our questions and heard the answers through vibrations transmitted through his skull and into his inner ear. (Audio)

Facial recognition reboot: The tech that’s been around since the '60s is reemerging with new applications (Audio)

Japan to screen departing foreign flyers with facial recognition tech to shorten arrival process

Facebook starts its facial recognition push to Europeans

'Too expensive' to delete millions of police mugshots of innocent people, minister claims

Suspect in Iceland's 'Big Bitcoin Heist' escapes prison

Goldman Hires Head Cryptocurrency Trader

Imran Awan's Father Transferred USB Drive To Ex-Head Of Pakistani Intel Agency

Nova Scotia Arrests Teen Who Discovered Massive Government Data Breach

Amazon, Netflix and studios sue subscription service over piracy

EU feigns concern over #Apple's bid for #Shazam

Extremely scary app being developed with the help of DARPA

The World’s First Trillionaire Will Be A Space Miner

Companies race to mine asteroids in 2017 (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #April24 w/the #Hubble Space Telescope launched from the Space Shuttle Discovery in 1990 (Audio)

+ @LibraryCongress established, Woolworth Building opens in NYC, #ArmenianGenocide begins, #SuezCanal reopened, #OperationEagleClaw fails in Iran, #DavidBowie marries Iman, US lifts #Libya sanctions

Flashback: $20m ‘fence’ scrapped for not catching enough illegals (Apr. 24, 2008)

Flashback: Triple Jeopardy - US vs Liberty City 7 (Apr. 24, 2008)

Flashback: YouTube accounts of Scientology critics suspended // Disney launching unit to make eco-propaganda films // Controversial Hitler ad ordered off Mexican tv // Jimmy Justice: Getting even with the law (Apr. 24, 2008)

Flashback: Darth Vader police unleashed on NYC subways (Apr. 24, 2008)

Flashback: Taser shock triggers fire in man's pants // Miami grad critical after being tasered (Apr. 24, 2008)

+ #WillemDeKooning, #RichardDonner, #ShirleyMacLaine, #RichardHolbrooke, #BarbraStreisand, #TonyVisconti, @EricBogosian, #JackBlades, #PaulaYates, #BillyGould birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Girl Talk - "Trouble In Paradise" (w/Erick The Architect) (Audio)

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