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#MorningMonarchy: April 30, 2018

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#MorningMonarchy: April 30, 2018Historic summits, progressive wars and withholding files + this day in history w/the abdication of Queen Beatrix and our song of the day by The Get Up Kids on your Morning Monarchy for April 30, 2018.


A good beginning. In short, an end to all hostile activities by both sides. Next comes communication and then trade...

North Korea’s ‘Complete Denuclearization’ Pledge Raises Questions After Summit (Audio)

America's Most Popular Politician Is Nikki Haley

The progressives are the new war party: Chomsky Among “Progressives” Calling for US Military Involvement in Syria

Clapper Busted Leaking Dossier Details To CNN's Jake Tapper, Lying To Congress About It

House Intelligence Report Cites #Clapper for Speaking with Media (Audio)

Yemen War Great For US Jobs: Watch CNN's Wolf Blitzer Proclaim Civilian Deaths Are Worth It

Here's that less interventionist foreign policy you voted for @RandPaul, great job

#Pompeo meets with #Netanyahu; discusses the Iran deal (Audio)

She won't do it again! This woman enabled torture, one of the most evil acts a human being can commit. She belongs in jail, not in charge of the C.I.A.

Trump picks #GinaHaspel as new CIA director (Audio)

JW found redacted docs showing Obama's State Dept under then-Secretary John Kerry gathered & sent its own "dossier" containing classified info on Russia to Senator Ben Cardin — a political ally in the Senate — in an effort to undermine President Trump.

Trump Withholds JFK Files, Again

A 'cocaine cowboy' who was involved in a CIA-backed plot to kill Fidel Castro is facing deportation to Cuba

Mexican Rapper #QBA, Whose Music Bemoaned Violence, Dissolved Filmmakers’ Corpses in Acid

"This Is Mushrooming" - Nicaragua Teeters On The Brink Of Revolution As US Pulls Diplomats

ConocoPhillips wins $2 billion arbitration against Venezuela

Ford accelerates cost-cutting plan, will drop most U.S. sedans...will produce just two cars, the Mustang and the Focus Active, starting in 2019

Senate confirms new director of National Security Agency

#PaulNakasone to be next Director of U.S National Security Agency (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #April30 w/#QueenBeatrix abdicates the Netherlands throne in 2013 on the 33rd anniversary of her inauguration (Audio)

Flashback: UK Crossing Guards Join the Surveillance State (Apr. 30, 2008)

Flashback: Pioneer Chemist Albert Hofmann Dies at Age 102 (Apr. 30, 2008)

+ #GeorgeWashington inaugurated on Wall St., #LouisianaPurchase, the #CampGrantMassacre, Alderson Women's Prison opens in #WestVirginia, #Hitler "suicide", #ChurchOfSatan founded, #AbuGharib pics out

#PumpUpThaVolume: The Get Up Kids - "Maybe" (Audio)

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