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#MorningMonarchy: May 1, 2018

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#MorningMonarchy: May 1, 2018Digital partnerships, CIAI and merger mania + this day in history w/the May Day Mission Accomplished and our song of the day by Cherry Glazerr on your Morning Monarchy for May 1, 2018.


Far-left anarchists smash windows in Paris during May Day rally

Facebook plans digital training partnership in New Mexico (Audio)

Watch Facebook's CTO stumble and stammer when asked by Parliament if he will apologize for his company threatening journalists with lawsuits for their accurate reporting (Audio)

Gun emoji disarmed as Microsoft follows Google toy switch

Police used free genealogy database to track Golden State Killer suspect, investigator says (Audio)

CIA plans to replace spies with AI

15 Things About 'Pakistani Mystery Man' aka Imran Awan

This IS going to be fun. The DNC never allowed anybody other than Crowdstrike to examine their servers. The whole Russia hacked the DNC relies on Crowdstrike and they are not to be trusted

Joy Reid’s claim that hackers planted anti-gay content on her blog absolutely crumbles under this incredible and in-depth investigation by The Daily Beast

In the allegedly "hacked" blog posts from MSNBC's Joy Reid, the word "feud" is misspelled as "fued." Reid has twice misspelled "feud" as "fued" on her own Twitter account in 2010 and 2013.

MyEtherWallet Warns That A “Couple” Of Its DNS Servers Have Been Hacked

"You're Being Controlled All The Time" - An Inside Look At China's "Social Credit Score"

China Assigns Citizens '#SocialCredit Scores' (Audio)

If you dig Chrome more than Firefox, but have some digital self-respect and don't want to feed the beast which loves to Go Ogle at other people's private information, check out Iridium

Proof of life on Mars may come 'within months'

T-Mobile and Sprint have finally announced a merger agreement

#TmobileSprintMerger CEO Sees Three Reasons Sprint Deal Gets Regulatory Approval (Audio)

Merger mania is happening — and it's whipped up $120bn in tie-ups in just one day

#ThisDayInHistory: #May1 w/#GeorgeWBush lands on an aircraft carrier, takes photos with soldiers while wearing a flight suit, then proceeds to say "major combat operations" were over while under a #MissionAccomplished banner in 2003 (Audio)

+ #Illuminati founded, #Haymarket riots, #Lusitania sets sail, #EmpireStateBuilding dedicated, #CatholicWorker published, #Goebbels suicide, #U2 spy plane shot down, #DPRK est., #OsamaBinLaden "killed"

Flashback: DC Madam Suicided? (May 1, 2008)

Flashback: M.I.C. & Ike Mulled Nuking China in 1958 (May 1, 2008)

Flashback: Schools deemed emergency vaccination sites // Scientists aim to alter weather // US forest service fielding fleet of drones // ACLU accuses Harvard of ties to the FBI (May 1, 2008)

+ #CalamityJane, #AnnaJarvis, #KateSmith, #JosephHeller, #SonnyJames, #JudyCollins, #JohnWoo, #TimMcGraw, #DArcyWretzky, #WesAnderson, #BernardButler, #JayReatard birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Cherry Glazerr - "Juicy Socks" (Audio)

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