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#MorningMonarchy: June 4, 2018

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#MorningMonarchy: June 4, 2018RFK must die, CIA makes card games and abnormal sound events + this day in history w/the Jonathan Pollard spy scandal and our song of the day by Ghost on your Morning Monarchy for June 4, 2018.


Fact Check: Obama and the FBI — Connect the Dots

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. doesn’t think Sirhan Sirhan killed his dad

RFK’s Son Robert Francis Kennedy Jr: I Don’t Believe Sirhan Did It

In his new memoir, John McCain concedes that the war in Iraq he fought so hard to launch and then escalate now “can’t be judged as anything other than a mistake, a very serious one, and I have to accept my share of the blame for it.”

"The Godfather" – CBC exposé on Sheldon Adelson's influence on Trump, Harper, & Mideast policies (Audio)

Missouri governor resigns amid widening investigations

Obama's Present: Bombs of Peace, coming soon to Netflix

Chance the Rapper is doing his best to harass Obama and keep him out of Chicago

The Council On Foreign Relations Says Domestic Propaganda Is Necessary (Audio)

The CIA made a card game for training agents. "You might face an Al-Shabaab attack in Kenya or you might have to figure out how to deal with a Russian cryptocurrency program..."

When the CIA Infiltrated a Presidential Campaign

The Drug Enforcement Administration acknowledges agents raided the wrong house in Tennessee.

Transgender ICE detainee with AIDS from #Honduras dies in Albuquerque hospital from heart attack

Sounds like the TSA would appreciate it if Santa Fe would get its security ducks in a row (and march them, one-by-one, through the new body scanner).

Portland police open officer jobs to non-citizens, recent pot users

Meghan Markle’s nephew allegedly caught with knife at UK nightclub

#TommyRobinson arrested for “breaching the peace” outside court during #GroomingGangs trial; “I haven’t said a word…I’ve done nothing,” far-right figurehead pleads as he is detained by officers 👮👮‍♀️

Britons Rage Over Robinson Arrest As Mass Protests Break Out Worldwide

Russian authorities called for "the most severe punishment possible" for the man who damaged a painting of the 16th-century tsar killing his son

"Real" Assassin Arrested In Staged Kiev Hit Linked To Ukrainian Intelligence As Official Story Unravels

Here's The Viral Interview Of Exiled Saudi Prince Calling For Regime Change In Riyadh

So there you have it. What Western media called reform in Saudi Arabia, was in reality a plan devised by Cambridge Analytica's parent company to use the techniques of "Aristotle and Hitler" to keep the Saudi dictatorship afloat...

Al-Qaeda warns Saudi crown prince his cinemas and WWE events are 'sinful'

Denmark bans Islamic full-face veil in public places. Under the new law anyone who wears a garment that hides the face in public will be punished with a fine of $156. The new rule which will take effect on August 1 was presented by the center-right government.

Belgian politician, in Belgian Parliament, exposes the complete hypocrisy of the West on #Israel War Crimes: "If any other country had done a quarter of what Israel has done we would have imposed sanctions." (Audio)

Palestinian Paramedic Shot Dead By Israeli Forces in Gaza

Four-year hunt ends after private search for #MH370 is completed

20 Years Of Socialist Utopia In Venezuela Summed Up In 20 Dramatic Seconds (Audio)

Leaked Photo Of Shackled Illegals Shows "Mass Trial" After DOJ Enacts "Zero Tolerance" Policy

In China, Photo of Trade Talks Embodies ‘Young’ Country Passing Aging U.S.

U.S. cautions citizens in China after 'abnormal' sound incident (Audio)

About 5,000 demonstrators for the anti-migrant Alternative for Germany party were met by some 25,000 counter-protesters; some tried to drown out the march with techno music.

#ThisDayinHistory: #June4 w/#JonathanPollard pleads guilty to espionage for selling top secret United States military intelligence to #Israel in 1986 (Audio)

+ #19thAmendment gifts women the vote, #Dunkirk evac ends, Battle Of Midway (#Midway76), #Argentina coup, #GordonKahl shootout, '#BornInTheUSA' released, #TiananmenSquareMassacre, #TerryNichols sentenced

Flashback: Bilderberg - The Shadow Supergovernment // iPods for the global elite // Spooks infest Marriott Hotel as Bilderberg begins // Bilderberg surrounded by space weapon agency, firms // Bilderberg boys will decide who’s Obama’s 'chosen' veep (Jun. 4, 2008)

Flashback: This is as good as it gets? (Jun. 4, 2008)

Flashback: And the Winner Is… AIPAC! (Jun. 4, 2008)

Flashback: Polygamist case cost Texas $7M as kids go home (Jun. 4, 2008)

Flashback: DC cops getting semiautomatic rifles // MADD messing with students minds // France, Greece & Cyprus hold joint drill // May most violent month in Afghanistan since 2001 // US & Canada team up for 'Frontier Sentinel' // White House has no info on 100s of kidnapped, executed Americans in Mexico // Fusion centers face 'insufficient' terrorist activity // New tech lets LA cops 'see through walls' (Jun. 4, 2008)

+ #RosalindRussell, #DennisWeaver, @AskDrRuth (about Zionism), #BruceDern, #FreddyFender, @ImKeithDavid, @ElDeBarge, #AlBSure, @RichieHawtin, #RussellBrand, #AngelinaJolie birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Ghost - "Rats" (Audio)

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