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#MorningMonarchy: June 5, 2018

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#MorningMonarchy: June 5, 2018Cloud push, credit crash and algorithm advice + this day in history w/the start of the Six Day War and our song of the day by Gorillaz on your Morning Monarchy for June 5, 2018.


Did President Trump Donate His First-Quarter 2018 Salary to the Department of Veterans Affairs?

An #AmazonEcho device recorded a Portland, Oregon, family's private conversation and sent it to an acquaintance in Seattle

Amazon Collects Another US Intelligence Contract: Top Secret Military Computing

Microsoft Wins Lucrative Cloud Deal With Intelligence Community

Microsoft to buy GitHub for $7.5 billion in cloud push (Audio)

@Flickr's future under @SmugMug control; The venerable photo-sharing website will for the first time since 2005 be run by a photography-focused company

Google now has two apps in China, but search remains off limits

Google Abandons Pentagon's AI-Drone 'Project Maven' After Employee Revolt

Facebook is building chips to analyze and filter live video 👁

Facebook set to announce video news shows, likely including CNN, Fox News

While the Obamas work on their new Netflix series... Hillary Clinton Wants to be CEO of Facebook

#Hillary Clinton participates in a discussion before receiving the #Radcliffe Medal at #Harvard University (Audio)

APPLE: We're Going to Pick News For You

Apple sees steep increase in U.S. national security requests

Michael Flynn tweets, deletes photo of #Weinstein, Clinton and Abedin. Son claims account was 'hacked'. #dgfffcf

Blocking Twitter Critics Is Unconstitutional, Judge Tells Trump

Trump Only Notices Mass Surveillance When He is the Victim

Cellphone surveillance detected near the White House, DHS says

RIGGED: Capitol Police “Accidentally” Gave Key Evidence To Imran Awan’s Defense Attorney Instead of Federal Prosecutors

GOLDMAN VP charged with insider trading

VISA Payment Crash and the Dangers of a Cashless World

Hospital launches rehab to treat cryptocurrency addiction

What's With All The False Alarm Warnings From The Emergency Alert System Lately?

#AlanBean, 4th man on the moon, dies at age 86

#AlanBean, moon-walking astronaut turned painter, dies in Houston (Audio)

Fashion maven Kate Brosnahan Spade hanged herself with a scarf in an apparent suicide at a New York City apartment Tuesday, according to a NYPD source.

Atari co-founder Ted Dabney dies

‘School shooting simulation’ video game pulled

Why The Air Force Thinks It Can Turn Gamers Into Its Next Top Guns

Here's How the Air Force Plans to Recruit Teenage Gamers

Tesla in autopilot mode crashes into parked Laguna Beach police cruiser

'Robots can't beat us': Vegas casino workers prep for strike over automation...

Release the Robotic Richard Simmons - Study finds people more likely to follow advice from an algorithm

#ThisDayInHistory: #June5 w/#Israel more than doubles its size after launching surprise strikes against Egypt and Syria at the start of the #SixDayWar in 1967 (Audio)

+ FDR ends #GoldStandard, #ElvisPresley on #MiltonBerle Show, #BobDylan graduates from HS, Profumo resigns amid #ProfumoAffair, #TetonDam collapses, #TankMan in #TiananmenSquareMassacre, '#StAnger' drops

Flashback: The Assassination of RFK: 40 Years of Disinformation (Jun. 5, 2008)

Flashback: Anti-Pesticide Activist Tasered By Oregon Cops (Jun. 5, 2008)

Flashback: America’s Heartland Is About to Be Gutted - The Multinational Corporate Takeover of North America (Jun. 5, 2008)

Flashback: Free Bees - “9/11’s a Lie” (Jun. 5, 2008)

+ #PatGarrett, #PanchoVilla, @BillMoyers, #SpaldingGray, #LaurieAnderson, #RichardButler, @KennyG, @CKlosterman, @AesopRockWins, @DJMustard birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Gorillaz - "Humility" (w/George Benson) (Audio)

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