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#MorningMonarchy: June 6, 2018

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#MorningMonarchy: June 6, 2018Monsanto memory hole, wedding cake justice and swilling sewage beer + this day in history w/the exhumation of Josef Mengele and our song of the day by Dierks Bentley on your Morning Monarchy for June 6, 2018.


Fact-Checking Bill Clinton’s meltdown on NBC’s ‘Today Show’

This baby’s first word was ‘Alexa’

London hospitals to replace doctors and nurses with AI for some tasks

5G Wireless Service Is Coming, And So Are Health Concerns Over The Towers That Support It (Audio)

Hybrid human chicken embryos abomination created in US lab

Ethical questions surround vaccine to reduce fertility

MLK's Niece to Starbucks: Stop Supporting Planned Parenthood

Starbucks Anti-Bias Training Goes Against Human Psychology

Starbucks Quietly Walks Back "Homeless Shelter" Bathroom Policy In New "Color Brave" Employee Manual

Starbucks' Schultz coy about #AmericasNextTopPresident bid, "Let's just see"

'Merger From Hell' Wins Approval From Trump DOJ

Bayer wins U.S. nod for Monsanto deal to create agriculture giant

Bayer to close Monsanto takeover, to retire target's name (Audio)

#BigPharma wins again: DOJ approves @MonsantoCo-@Bayer deal (Audio)

Scott Pruitt reportedly used his position to try to get his wife a Chick-fil-A gig

.@ScottPruittOK Tried To Get His Wife A Job At @ChickfilA (Audio)

And Herbalife $HLF is a cover for narcotrafficking in the United States

A French mayor refusing to let McDonald's set up shop on his island is fighting back with the launch of a sustainable food zone, provocatively named #McDolus

#PeakPortland: Portland bakery @Back_To_Eden fires employees for denying black woman service after closing

Black woman claims racism when she is not served after closing time (Audio)

Gay couple wedding cake: US Supreme Court rules in favour of Christian baker who refused Colorado couple's request

Supreme Court sides with Colorado #MasterpieceCakeshop baker on same-sex wedding cake (Audio)

Dramatic Drone Footage Shows Massive Kilauea Crater Collapse, Miles Of Lava Devastation

Lava crosses Highway 132, destroys over 400 utility poles, cutting power to many in lower Puna

The Importance Of Knowing Your Farmer

Food Companies Churn Through CEOs, Desperate for Fresh Ideas; Agents for change are sought as grocery-shopping habits shift to fresher ingredients, internet

Johnson & Johnson (@JNJNews) hit with $25.75 million verdict in talc-asbestos case

‘BE’ label launch may cost more than feds yearly spend on food safety

FDA says Golden Rice does not contain enough beta-carotene to merit a health claim

Cockroach sushi? Inside a farming revolution that could cure cancer, compost waste – and shake up menus

Loud music makes you choose burgers over salad?

Mouth injuries suffered from eating recalled Spam and Lunch Loaf

Necco sells to Metropoulos family entity for $17.3M

Pepsi to buy Granny Smith apple chips maker Bare Foods

Coca-Cola taps into new market with launch of its first alcoholic drink

Coca-Cola launch '#LemonDo' alcoholic drink in Japan (Audio)

‘Sewage beer’ is here and you can try some in Sweden

#ThisDayInHistory: #June6 w/The grave of "Wolfgang Gerhard" is opened in Embu, Brazil in 1985 and the exhumed remains are later proven to be those of #JosefMengele, Auschwitz's "Angel of Death" (Audio)

+ #GreatSeattleFire, first drive-in movie theater, FDR creates @SEC_enforcement, #DDay, final #EdSullivan Show, #LebanonWar begins, '#AsNastyAsTheyWannaBe' ruled obscene, #HillaryClinton nabs nomination

Flashback: Obama & Hillary Hold Secret Late-Night Meeting In DC (Jun. 6, 2008)

Flashback: ‘Vice president’ makes ‘joke’ about ‘inbred’ West Virginia (Jun. 6, 2008)

Flashback: Judge critical of Gitmo trials is dismissed // US doesn't invite 9/11 families to trials (Jun. 6, 2008)

Flashback: Study says antidepressants ok for fetuses // Freemasons want children's DNA (Jun. 6, 2008)

Flashback: Felonious Soros warns of market crash (Jun. 6, 2008)

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#PumpUpThaVolume: Dierks Bentley - "Burning Man" (w/Brothers Osborne) 🔥 (Audio)

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